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Added by: Larry
March 31, 2013 08:12AM

A) 1935 Eddy Rickenbaker Pontiac Radio Ad

Radio ad? Huh?

Well, that was the most prevalent form of advertising back in 1935 following newspapers. This interesting old radio ad (with static and all) was put together with a pictorial essay of sorts featuring the WWI Ace Eddy Rickenbacker and lots of old Pontiac photos.

This was a big deal for Pontiac. I'm sure not every car manufacturer could snag a spokesperson of Rickenbacker's status. I don't even know who you would compare him to today as he was National Hero. Heck, even Snoopy did a song about him... at least that's who we think was hot on the tail of the Red Barron.

Enjoy this early radio commercial and some interesting graphics at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 08:17AM

A) 1949 Pontiac Commercial

Because this old Pontiac commercial is in color, it was most likely for a sales meeting or such. Television, even in black and white was pretty new in 1949; color (as I recall) didn't show up until about ten years later.

Now about this commercial.... did they really talk like that back then?! It has the slightly dopey mother and father complete with their super cornball young son. Regardless, you will enjoy the salesman as he points out all the features of the new Pontiac for 1949.

Enjoy this early Pontiac dealer commercial at Click Here
Then see part II at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 08:52AM

A) 1968 GTO Bumper Commercial

Just like Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate" was advised to "get into plastics" so did Pontiac at about the same time, in 1968, go plastic with the winner of a bumper-- the all new Endura.

Talk about innovative! Geeze!! NOBODY was doing stuff like this back then-- leave it to Pontiac to lead the way, in a big way!

Here this amazing bumper concept is shown in a funny commercial of what appear to be lab-coated engineers taking their best whacks at it with a crow bar, while the announcer casually tells of Motor Trend's fourth Car of the Year Award to Pontiac... something no other car builder had ever done before.

In this commercial we get a glimpse into what most of us believe killed Pontiac by the statement "Seems like everything else Pontiac engineers touch turns to great." What happened? Engineers stopped touching the cars, and accountants began.

Enjoy this early commercial at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 09:07AM

A) The Stinger Concept Car from Pontiac

I can't tell you that this "commercial" was ever released to the public. Best guess is that it was dealer or special viewer promotion only. But, who ever saw this Swiss Army Knife of Pontiacs must have been impressed...or at least a bit dazzled. This little thing had everything but birth control on and in it.

This was truly the car that Bear Grylls would have chosen to be stranded with on an uninhabited island or in the really out, outback. But in actuality it was targeted to the California lifestyle, or anyone, anywhere who wished they were in California.

Since this thing appears to be a product of the '80s, perhaps it was too far ahead of its time to actually be put into production. Today, with all the weird little stuff running around, I bet it would sell. Back then, it might have just been another VW "Thing."

Enjoy this early commercial at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 09:08AM

B) 1968 Catalina- Australian Drag Strip

For all those who wonder about the potential of big-bodied Pontiacs, check this out. In what doesn't appear to be a wildly altered 1968 Catalina, we sure see some get up and go.

And, to prove it isn't just in America that American muscle is flexed, this sharp '68 Catalina ragtop belongs to one of our Australian PontiacRegistry.com members. This 12.5 second 110+ mph run will certainly keep many small and mid-sized challengers at bay... actually, well behind.

Check it out at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 08:23AM

B) 2001 Pontiac Firehawk

Ok, perhaps this clip should have a disclaimer first... like it is just plain NUTZ! Well nutz in a really cool sort of way.

Here you will see a Firehawk burning up the road like you probably never ever imagined it could do. It appears to be an out-of-the-box Hawk too, except for a cam and a couple other goodies shown in the opening shot. And get a load of the young hot shot driving it!

What is truly amazing is this Firehawk literally smoking the tires-- while at highway speeds! At one point the chase car filming yells out "60mph" as the Firehawk punches it and begins smoking the tires. Or how about from a dead stop smoking the tires and shifting through all the gears and continuing the smoke show?! Yikes! What power!

Anyone care to try driving this thing in the rain? Thought not.

Watch this wild ride at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 09:19AM

C) 2009 Solstice GPX Coupe- Edmunds Review

Can you say "OUCH!!"?

This review of this very sharp looking Pontiac Solstice just could not be worse. I hope it isn't a case of "kink 'em when they're down." I get the feeling that because Pontiac isn't going to be around anymore to dispute this review, perhaps it is therefore over the top in its negativity.

I know Edmunds is honest, but I have never seen a review that went out of its way to be so negative. There wasn't a "but..." to be found anywhere.

Pontiac didn't stand a chance here!

Check out this review at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 08:25AM

D) 1947 Pontiac- MTV Awards

We all agree that Pontiacs should always be front and center, but this video clip takes that to a whole new level.

This shinny 1947 Pontiac (as in covered in zillions of small mirrors!) steals the show (at least for us Pontiac lovers) at a 1996 MTV Awards show in Europe. The song "Star People" performed by George Michael has nothing to do with aliens, but the Pontiac is still out of this world.

You can see more photos of this MTV star in our "Great Pontiac Photos" Pin-Board.

Check out this clip at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 09:57AM

D) 1964 Pontiac Convertible- Kid Rock

I have to honestly say I didn't know Kid Rock from Adam, nor had any exposure to his music before. However, this video clip sent to us really shows a style that I love, sort of a country-rock. Cool.

But what a bonus to see Mr. Rock cruisin' around in a custom 1964 Pontiac convertible. And when we say "custom" we mean Country Custom.

This is either one of Nudie's cars or one of the recent country western star's cars that sold at auction. Check out this article in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

And these items in our "Strange and Interesting Pontiac Sightings": Click Here
and Click Here

I don't want to get political on anyone, but if you do not love this big, beautiful country of ours, don't waste your time watching this clip.

Check out this clip at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 09:53AM

D) I Dream of Jeannie Pontiacs

If you check our On-Line Magazine at Click Here you will find an article on the "I Dream of Jeannie" television that featured Pontiacs far and wide.

In these video clips you will see many segments from this whacky show featuring... what else?... lots of great Pontiacs. Be ready to chuckle, there's some funny old stuff here.

Check out this Part I clip at Click Here
and the Part II clip at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 09:59AM

E) Fieros at Play

If you have hesitated jumping into the Fiero hobbyplace because you thought you wanted a "tougher" more versatile Pontiac-- you gotta see this clip!

Here we find every type of Fiero imaginable, from super-duty performance and racing, to custom creations, and finally 4X4 mud-boggers (of all things!).

You might not enjoy the "music" with this clip-- it's dentist office sounds... no, not the soft easy-listening kind of music they play, rather sounds like teeth being pulled with no Novocaine. The volume is that little speaker icon under the clip- find it, and use it.

But, nonetheless it is a super fun piece. Check it out at Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 10:16AM

E) Pontiac Assembly Line Tribute

I don't care how you feel about lines people and the high union wages- this isn't a time to debate that. Here we see real people who were proud and hard working while producing what we consider the best car ever to come out of the USA plants.

How great it is to see all these old Pontiacs... how sad it is to know that they will be no more. It is almost surrealistic as you watch these images go by. I guess the only thing we can take from this is a renewed determination to continue to promote our special part of this auto hobbyplace so no one ever forgets what a great car Pontiac will always be.

Check out this clip at Click Here

(Just click on the URL above to view.)

For more Pontiac assembly line videos, check these three part Pontiac "commercials" that were probably done for training or trade shows: Part I: Click Here
Part II: Click Here Part III: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 10:07AM

We hope you enjoyed this sample of Pontiac Videos Pinboard Page. To enjoy hundreds more, please join and help support this work for all Pontiac hobbyists.

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