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The goal of PontiacRegistry.com is the same as all local, state, and regional Pontiac Clubs­ no matter how large or small­ to build the strength of the Pontiac hobbyplace by working together, and to make owning and maintaining or restoring a Pontiac a rewarding and enjoyable experience through the sharing of knowledge and information, and the building of friendships.

There are no "strings attached", no rules to follow, no national clubs to join. Simply, the Pontiac Clubs listed at the left have pledged, as a PontiacRegistry.com Affiliate Club, to help support and promote the Pontiac hobby by working together and helping each other.

Check the Pontiac Clubs shown here for one near you. And, watch PontiacRegistry.com for news, features stories, and other information about these Affiliate Clubs. Join one near you today!

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