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Welcome to PontiacRegistry.com, the internet Pontiac Club for ALL Pontiacs.... for ALL Pontiac lovers- a Pontiac Club- you can enjoy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

All Pontiacs Invited...
PontiacRegistry.com is news and information about, and for, the entire Pontiac Hobbyplace. At PontiacRegistry.com, there is something for everyone, no matter what your Pontiac interests- old, new, fast, slow, original, modified.... this is Your Pontiac Club- for your Pontiac hobby.

Helping those who need it most: PontiacRegistry.com proudly supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand- a foundation dedicated to finding a cure of childhood cancer. When Pontiac hobbyists join PontiacRegistry.com and generously donate $1.00 to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, PontiacRegistry.com will match it. Together we will help find a cure for childhood cancer.

Pontiac On-Line Reference Library: Through special agreement with General Motors, PontiacRegistry.com has been granted license to reproduce and post On-Line ALL Pontiac Service Manuals from 1926 through 1980. This is a huge, continuing project, generously sponsored by Pontiac Enthusiast magazine, that will help all Pontiac hobbyists forever. This All Pontiac Reference Library is available free to all PontiacRegistry.com members. Help us grow and expedite this project with your membership support.

- Forums: PontiacRegistry.com has interactive forums for all needs and interests. There guests can visit and post also. Members are able to post cars and parts for sale, and services offered all year long- as many as they want, at no additional cost.

- Member Discounts: PontiacRegistry.com’s “Affiliate Commercial Supplier Program” continues to add quality suppliers of parts and services to help the Pontiac hobbyists, restore, maintain, and most importantly, enjoy their Pontiac. Members will find an ever growing list of companies giving them very attractive discounts on their parts and services. Your savings alone can pay for your membership dues many times over. Check them out!

- On-Line Magazine: Our On-Line Magazine is a rapidly expanding source of Pontiac information and entertainment. There you will learn of Pontiac’s rich history, enjoy member’s stories of their Pontiacs, “attend events” through timely reports and beautiful photos, and gain valuable technical information that you might never find anywhere else. In addition, EVERY article is archived for your reference and review 24/7. And, they are available to all members, even new ones. Where else can you subscribe to a magazine and receive EVERY back issue for free too? Check out the article table of contents, you will be amazed at the extensive library available to you... and growing every day.

- Photo Album: In the PontiacRegistry.com photo album members can share pictures and descriptions of their favorite Pontiacs for everyone to see. No matter what era of Pontiacs is your favorite (including all of them), you will enjoy browsing through the photos of our members’ cars.

- Pontiac Registry Data Base: Although this feature is open for all Pontiac hobbyists to register into and use as a search function, it is through the support of our members that its development and maintenance is possible. We encourage everyone to use the PontiacRegistry Data Base, and to show their support by becoming a member. The more members, the more we can do for all Pontiac hobbyists.

-Support to other Pontiac Clubs: PontiacRegistry.com believes in helping all local, state, and regional Pontiac Clubs. When you join or renew at PontiacRegistry.com and give us your local Pontiac Club contact information, we will make a $5.00 donation to them in your name.

- Pontiac Hobby Credit Cards: Show everyone your love of, and support of, the Pontiac hobbyplace every time you make a purchase with your own Pontiac hobby credit card. With the strength and services of Visa and UMB bank, these cards are specially designed representing the major eras of Pontiac interests. Choose one that best tells the world your love of Pontiacs!

-And so Much More: The goal of PontiacRegistry.com is “to build the single largest source of Pontiac information, services, and entertainment in the world.” With the help and support of the Pontiac community, that will be accomplished. Join today and help make PontiacRegistry.com the premier source of help and information for ALL Pontiac Lovers! For any questions or suggestions of how PontiacRegistry.com can better serve the Pontiac hobbyplace, please contact us at: info@pontiacregistry.com.

Ask us questions here!

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PontiacRegistry.com, the ALL Pontiac Club for ALL Pontiac Lovers– dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of all years, models, and types of Pontiacs. Enjoy your Pontiac hobby at the only 24-7 Pontiac Club that brings you Pontiac News, Pontiac Information, and Pontiac Entertainment at the speed of light. Join today and help support and build the best of all Pontiac Clubs in the world. Clubs are for people too, not just cars. If you do not yet have a Pontiac, or just enjoy sharing information and learning about them....welcome!

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