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1928 Pontiac Six

What a beautiful advertisement prominently featuring the Indian theme that Pontiac was built on. Still an odd approach. Certainly the Pontiac name (after Chief Pontiac) was Indian, but Indians were never treated very well, and certainly not viewed as any sort of status image- yet they dominated the Pontiac advertising. Perhaps just because of the unique design elements offered.

As with so many of the early ads, this Pontiac ad stressed "stamina" and went on and on explaining all about their engine and other mechanical advancements. Today you get a mention of high horsepower and then they move on to electronics and comfort. What a long way we have come.

Added by: Larry
January 22, 2013 08:31PM

1930 Oakland Ad- Dutch?

For all gearheads, it doesn't really matter if you can read Dutch or not... we just like looking at the pictures- especially if they are of an engine. And what an engine we have here... a V-8. But in 1930? Yup! Pontiac lovers rejoice, your big engine heritage traces clear back to when Pontiac was an Oakland... or at least when Pontiac was a part of Oakland. Since Oakland was a "higher level" auto than Pontiac, it took on some of the Cadillac excesses. Sadly for Oakland though, this may have been a big part of their demise.

For early Pontiac hobbyists, we know that this same V-8 from Oakland graced under the hood of some of the 1932 Pontiacs when Oakland deep-sixed after 1931. For those who love left overs, this would have been a real treat!

Added by: Larry
March 29, 2017 03:37PM

1934 Pontiac Roadster

With few words said in this ad, they still drive home the point. That is, Pontiac is value with economy to boot. So it's a car for the lower end of the car buying public, right?

Well, perhaps not. This photo representation is anything but low end. As a matter of fact, it seems to hint at upper crust. Who else was the tennis set?

Perhaps as a roadster, it was aiming at the sporty car crowd with a lot to offer as a fun car, or maybe for someone's collage student. For Pontiac's lower end status, this sharp roadster was a bit out of its normal ranks.

Added by: Larry
January 27, 2013 06:11PM

1940 Hedy Lamarr Torpedo

No we aren't referring to "Hedley Lamarr" from Blazing Saddles. Actually you have to dial back quite a few years to find this film star.

And who else to glamorize the new 1940 Pontiac Torpedo Sedan shown here than the beautiful (known for her sexy roles) Hedy Lamarr. This super sharp new Cadillac-bodied Pontiac is shown in a unique 2291D color combination of Ludington Green on top and Glydon Green on bottom. Quite a striking color combo for the day when black was usually the color of choice.

Added by: Larry
January 28, 2013 07:50AM

1947 Pontiac Woodie Newspaper Ad

This is an interesting item I found in my clutter. Whoever had sent it to me had included the newspaper masthead so we could see it was from a 1953 Toronto, Canada newspaper. It was a pretty sharp, low mileage (36,000) old 1947 Pontiac 8-Passenger "Woodie" Wagon. Though seven years old, it appears to have been holding a good price at $1,495.00, considering they only cost $2,037.00 or $2,111 (for the Deluxe) when new.

But..... we have a big fat question here. Check the first item below the photo... "Air Conditioning?" Seriously? We sure would like to know what that is about since the first Pontiac A/C was in 1954-- and rare as hen's teeth! Maybe it was the old "4-60" A/C... roll down all four windows and drive at 60! Check out that 4-diget phone number!

Added by: Larry
September 01, 2016 04:20PM

1948 Pontiac

"a thoroughly good car." Now that doesn't sound too exciting of a claim, does it. Well, in spite of a somewhat lack luster copy writer, the 1948 Pontiac did come through as better than just "good". As a matter of fact, when considering the '48 was essentially the 4th year of a basic body design, it did pretty well even outselling the 1947 by 5,000 units with a total of 235,419. It wasn't until the new 1949 styles rolled out that the war-weary public really flocked to the showrooms jumping sales dramatically.
Today the '48 remains a favorite of the '42-'48 Pontiac lovers. Most everyone seems to agree that the clincer was the grille with the now famous "floating" top bar. Whatever it was, the '48 Pontiac was a good looking package and a Pontiac anyone would love to own today.

Added by: Larry
January 23, 2013 05:29PM

1954 Star Chief

Pontiac was still telling buyers "Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat a Pontiac", and now "America's First Low Cost Luxury Car". If you have ever owned or driven a '54 Star Chief, you know that this was an understatement of huge proportions. There are those of us who know that the '54 Star Chief ranked much further up the auto luxury ladder then this ad would make you think.
These Pontiacs were more Cadillac-quality in ride and comfort. If not for still nursing along the old flathead eight, this would have been a world class car.
But even in spite of the soon to be replaced powerplant, which by the way was a fantastic engine for power and smoothness, the 1954 Star Chief was a beautiful Pontiac and worthy of any collector's pride and attention today. Wish I still had mine!

Added by: Larry
January 28, 2013 09:38AM

1959 Pontiac Convertible

This is an ad you fall in love with the moment you see it, and have to buy it. What a sexy car, what a sexy color! But, when you read it, you are in for a real surprise. Could anything be more politically incorrest today than this?

"When a man becomes the owner of a 1959 Pontiac he slices a few years off his age.." From the looks of this Don Juan behind the wheel, he is probably slicing a few years off his marriage too! To back up their claims of why a man needs to treat himself to a new Pontiac, they even source "Unofficial psychology". What is that? The opinion of the head Stud Duck at the water cooler?!

I can't but wonder how many men came home after a hard day at the factory and showed their little lady this ad saying "But, why not? After all the ad says 'Man was born to be a master...'"

Let's all write PMD and ask them to use this same ad for their next new introduction and see what happens... right!

Added by: Larry
January 24, 2013 05:07PM

1961 Pontiac- What's New?

We're quite sure if this was the cover of a sales brochure or one page of a two-page ad spread. But we want to include it here because the '61 Pontiac is just plain a damn nice looking car! Beyond that, it is a bit curious. Note the "AF" signature in the lower right. We are so used to seeing the famous Pontiac ads signed as "VK AF" that we forget that Art Fitzpatrick (AF) operated individually too. And this makes sense because Fitzpatrick drew the cars and Van Kaufman (VK) did the scenery. So, since there is no scenery, we can only guess it is a "VK" only item. Bet you never expected that much of a back-story!

Added by: Larry
January 05, 2017 06:33PM

1965 Bonneville Axle Tests

Check out that photo-- can you almost hear the axle snap?! Evidently it didn't snap though- at least not on this try.

General Motors and Pontiac were darn proud of all the rugged testing that went into their cars, and bragged about it too. It isn't something new to us hobbyists though, who continue to find these vehicles and marvel at how long and well they have held up.

With the combination of the power these '60s Pontiacs had, and the weight of the full-size models, strength was not an option, it was a necessity.

Added by: Larry
January 26, 2013 04:57PM

1966 GTO

They were going for broke with the completely new, redesigned GTO. It was a spot to be in after the roaring success of the similar looking bodies for '64 and '65. However, with the long lead-times for complete new models, it is obvious that this entirely new design of the Tempest/Lemans line was well into swing long before the first '64 GTO ever hit the street. But the new GTO lovers would still have to be won over. You think?

Actually, Pontiac did what they were doing so well back then... they more or less sat back and let the cars sell themselves. Aside from the fact that "who wouldn't love this new "coke-bottle" design, all they had to do was tell you that it was going to have a mountain of power, sprinkle with a tiger and a pretty girl, and the shoe leather was burning all the way to the local dealership.

Those were the days!

Added by: Larry
January 28, 2013 10:04AM

1969 Trans Am

Take a nice long look at this two page spread ad and tell us what the first thing is that comes to your mind. If it is something like "I could kick myself in the butt for not buying one when I could", well, you're not alone.

It's pretty obvious from the goofy looking young guy posed with this (one day soon) rare, highly valuable, sought after Pontiac that nobody actually realized they were marketing a collector icon.

In 1969 this new Trans Am concept of the Firebird was loaded with go-fast goodies, plus drop-dead looks and handling options. One wonders if PMD knew that only 689 hardtops and 8 convertibles would go out the door. Even though it was a mid-year offering, it seems that more than that number should have found new homes.

Can you imagine if you had picked up a hardtop for $3,556 or a convertible for $3,770 back then what a great investment you would have made-- better than any 401k or IRA-- and a boat load of fun along the way!

Added by: Larry
January 26, 2013 07:08PM

1970 Bonneville- the way it's going to be

With the interest in great big Pontiacs, this '70 Bonneville certainly fits the bill.. in XXL-size!

But notice too that in 1970 performance in the disguise of big horsepower was still selling well in the big cars. They weren't just all about cush. It wasn't unusual to see the biggest of cars back then smoke a tire or two.

Little did anyone know the EPA teeth-kicks that were coming and the wonderful 1973 oil embargo (real or imagined... who knows?!).

Added by: Larry
April 07, 2013 05:58PM

1974 GM Small Car Lineup

Back in 1974, we were faced with the downsizing of the American automobile... and we weren't too happy about it either. But, wouldn't you love to find some of these GM "small cars" today?

What is noticeable is the wide range of choices available back in '74. After all, General Motors was the U.S. leading auto manufacturer... and they knew it. "We want you to drive what you like and like what you drive"-- and GM will be there to give it to you!

Note also how Pontiac was the clear leader in representing GM's performance brand-- that sharp '74 GTO and hot Formula Firebird!

Perhaps soon all we will have to remember General Motors' grand line of cars will be old ads like this.

Added by: Larry
January 27, 2013 01:59PM

1984 Indy Fiero Pace Car

It's hard to look at the '80s as an exciting time in the automotive world, what with all the problems associated with EPA, safety mandates, overseas competition, fuel costs, etc. But, it was truly an exciting time at Pontiac as the rumored 2-seater sports car- Fiero- finally came into being.

Sure it wasn't exactly all that had been expected, and there were some problems at first, but it did eventually grow closer to what was expected.... just in time to pull the plug on it.
Nonetheless, the Fiero has made a mark in the Pontiac history books that has not been duplicated. As shown here in this ad, it was a proud moment as the new Pontiac offering not only had the privilege associated with pacing the Indianapolis 500, but showed the world that it could really run with the big boys... the really big boys!

All Fieros are now sought by Pontiac hobbyists and are proving to be a fun way to enjoy the hobby today. These Indy Pace Cars are at the top of the collectible list too.
Thanks to Jeff Redhage of Sullivan, MO for sharing this unique Fiero ad with us.

Added by: Larry
January 27, 2013 02:20PM

1985 Sunbird

It is still surprising that we don't (yet) see many Pontiacs from the '80s populating the car show fields. After all, they're 30+ years old now. That's like buying a '40s car in the '70s... like many of us did. Let's hope this isn't an indication of lack of interest, or lack of product due to extreme scrapage. But, if given an opportunity to grab a sporty little Sunbird as this- do it! What fun you could have with a small family at an economical price. Probably cheap to buy, and certainly cheap to operate... well, the turbo might gulp a bit, but certainly not like one of the bigger cars.

Added by: Larry
October 12, 2017 10:49AM

1988 Mera Newspaper Ad

Pontiac's history is full of some very unique cars, but few are as controversial as the 1987-'88 Mera turned out to be. And yet, few have ever heard of it. Perhaps because just under 250 of them were built, and their end was under legal action... something few wish to shout about. Still, while they were not "actually built" by Pontiac, PMD sure hopped on the promotion bandwagon, offering them through their dealership network. Which is kind of hard to believe when you consider the legal action we mentioned.

To fully understand this unique car and the history behind it, you'll have to read the entire story of the Mera in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
July 18, 2016 12:48PM

1998 Trans Am LS "Blender" Ad

Looks like the PMD ad department was trying to get cute here. Perhaps they weren't very experienced with the brute force of the new LS engine. This ad doesn't have much "torque" if you know what we mean. But perhaps cute sells... who knows? We guess they couldn't use the other expression in mixed company... "What's the last thing that goes through a bug's head when it hits the front of your car?" Answer... "his ass!"

Added by: Larry
September 05, 2017 01:30PM

Hurst 3-Speed Conversion

The muscle car era spawned aftermarket performance companies like never before. One of the top names in street and competition was Hurst. Who didn't long for a Hurst shifter in their car?
No more missed column shifts, and speed like never before-- a Hurst conversion was a must!

Added by: Larry
January 27, 2013 04:28PM

Kelsey-Hayes 8-Lug Wheels

Kelsey-Hayes hit a home run for Pontiac when they "partnered-up" with their innovative 8-Lugs wheels and drums.

This February 1965 Motor Trend ad is interesting, because aside from the Pontiac center cap, they made no mention at all of Pontiac. Is it possible they were trying to attract other manufacturers to pick up their design for their cars too, or was it just their way of trying to tell the Pontiac guys to "Please order our 8-lugs with your new Pontiac order."

Added by: Larry
January 27, 2013 04:24PM

Super Stock Tires- Trans Am Ad

Remember when Goodyear first came out with the raised letter wide ovals? We all had to have them! And others jumped on the wagon too, like Super Stock shown here. Obviously they wasted no time going straight for the sex appeal angle. For we all know that not only is it cool (or "Sass") to have a sharp Trans Am with sharp shoes, but even cooler to have a sharp gal in a little bikini. Ah, to be young again...!

Added by: Larry
February 18, 2016 11:29AM

Trans Am- Bosch Gauges

Once again our point is proven that if you want to portray performance... you select a Pontiac as your subject. And in this case, the world renown, ultra high quality Bosch Company had an opportunity to select any car in the world to show the class and performance of their gauges... and what did they choose? A Trans Am of late-70s or early-80s vintage. Is that any surprise to us Pontiac lovers? No, not really, but we're still flattered each time we see it done.

Added by: Larry
December 21, 2016 02:31PM

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