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Paint Codes: 1929-1934

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:58 pm    Post subject: Paint Codes: 1929-1934 Reply with quote

(Starting approximately June 1, 1929, the Oakland Motor Company began attaching a color combination plate to the body sill, just inside the right front door, which corresponds to the following color combination numbers.)

<b>1929 Color</b>
Roadster: (Body) Atoka Creme/(Window Reveals) Rear Deck– Mohawk Brown/(Moulding) Ontonagon Maroon/(Stripe) Warrior Red
Roadster: (Body) Sachem Blue/(Window Reveals– unspecified)/(Moulding) Sachem Blue/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
Phaeton: (Body) Waconah Gray/(Window Reveals) Convex Panel– Tecumseh Gray/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Gold
Standard Coupe: (Body) Shoshone Blue/(Window Reveals) Tecumseh Gray/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Ivory
2-Door Sedan: (Body) Shadow Brown/(Window Reveals) Yuma Brown/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Ivory
Sport Cabriolet: (Body) Shoshone Blue/(Window Reveals) Tecumseh Gray/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Orange
4-Door Sedan: (Body) Waconah Gray/(Window Reveals) Shoshone Blue/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Orange
4-Door Sedan: (Body) Seminole Blue/(Window Reveals) Pawhaten Blue/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Cream
Conv. Sedan: (Body) Sachem Blue/(Window Reveals) Tuscarora Gray/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Cream
2000: (Body) Shoshone Blue/(Window Reveals) Tecumseh Gray/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Manistee Ivory
2001: (Body) Black/(Window Reveals) Lucerne Blue/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2002: (Body) Seminole Blue/(Window Reveals) Tacoma Cream/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2003: (Body) Columbia Gray/(Window Reveals) Black/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Penobscot Red
2004: (Body) Cheshire Blue/(Window Reveals) Cheshire Blue/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2005: (Body) Shadow Brown/(Window Reveals) Yuma Brown/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Pioneer Orange
2005: (Body) Saratoga Beige/(Window Reveals) Saratoga Beige/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Hamilton Green
2007: (Body) Mojave Green/(Window Reveals– unspecified)/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Panoche Cream
2008: (Body) Waconah Gray/(Window Reveals– unspecified)/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Gold Bronze
2009: (Body) Santa Fe Beige/(Window Reveals– unspecified)/(Moulding– unspecified)/(Stripe) Custer Red
2011: (Body) Tampa Red/(Mouldings– unspecified)/(Stripe) Gold Bronze
2012: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Niagara Green/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2013: (Body) Cheshire Blue/(Mouldings) Cheshire Blue/(Stripe) Imitation Gold
2014: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Auray Cream/(Stripe) Auray Cream
2015: (Body) Huron Green/(Mouldings) Hopewood Green/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2016: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Auray Cream/(Stripe) Auray Cream<br><br><b>1930 Color</b>
2017: (Body) Cumberland Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2018: (Body) St. Louis Blue/(Mouldings) Pinehurst Blue/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2019: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Coronado Tan/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2020: (Body) Colarado Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2021: (Body) Cheshire Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2022: (Body) Waverly Maroon/(Mouldings) Waverly Maroon/(Stripe) Gold
2023: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Romulus Red/(Stripe) Gold
2024: (Body) Beverly Gray (Mouldings) Hartford Gray/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2025: (Body) Roeswood Brown/(Mouldings) Berkley Brown (Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2026: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Hampton Green
2027: (Body) Boone Brown/(Mouldings) Remick Brown/(Stripe) Gold
2028: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Hampton Green/(Stripe) Hampton Green
2029: (Body) Mountain Brown Light/(Mouldings) Rosewood Brown/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream
2030: (Body) Promenade Blue/(Mouldings) Ocean Blue/(Stripe) Aurora Red
2031: (Body) Semishone Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Cream
2032: (Body) Gray Gull/(Mouldings) Dante Red/(Stripe) Black
2033: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Romulus Red/(Stripe) Gold
2034: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Berkshire Blue/(Stripe) Lorraine Blue
2035: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Monarch Maroon/(Stripe) Aurora Red<br><br><b>1931 Color</b>
2040: (Body) Clinton Brown/(Mouldings) Remick Brown/(Stripe) Sunset Orange
2041: (Body) Vineyard Maroon/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Aurora Red
2042: (Body) Falcon Brown/(Mouldings) Falcon Brown/(Stripe) Rose Straw
2043: (Body) Cairo Gray/(Mouldings) Standish Green/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2044: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Aurora Red
2045: (Body) Trouville Blue/(Mouldings) Harbor Blue/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2046: (Body) Gardenia Green/(Mouldings) Spruce Green/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2047: (Body) Trouville Blue/(Mouldings) Washington Blue/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2048: (Body) Pueblo Green/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2049: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Hampton Cream
2050: (Body) Cheshire Blue/(Mouldings) Cheshire Blue/(Stripe) Lorraine Blue
2051: (Body) Toga Maroon/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) HereAurora Red
2052: (Body) Gray Mouse/(Mouldings) Indigo Blue/(Stripe) Aluminum
2053: (Body) Gettysburg Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Pastel Cream
2054: (Body) Blue Ridge Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2055: (Body) Thorne Brown/(Mouldings) Crockett Brown/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2056: (Body) Timber Beige/(Mouldings) Rancocas Brown/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2057: (Body) Seattle Green/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Cream
2058: (Body) Pomerang Brown/(Mouldings) Arabian Mocha/(Stripe) Sunset Orange
2059: (Body) Tampa Red/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Gold
2060: (Body) Trhorne Brown/(Mouldings) Crockett Brown/(Stripe) Hereford Cream<br><br><b>1932 Color</b>
2061: (Body) Cheshire Blue/(Mouldings) Cheshire Blue/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2062 (Body) Brewster Green Extra Light/(Mouldings) Brewster Green Light/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2063: (Body) Coronado Tan/(Mouldings) Montana Brown/(Stripe) Swap Holly Orange
2064: Regatta Red/(Mouldings) Blacke/(Stripe) Tokyo Ivory
2065: (Body) Black/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Hereford Cream
2068: (Body) Olympic Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Gold
2069: (Body) Bolling Green/(Window Reveals) Bolling Green/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Gold, Green
2070: (Body) Monarch Maroon/(Window Reveals) Side–Mulberry Maroon, Rear–Monarch Maroon/(Mouldings) Mulberry Maroon/(Stripe) Gold, Red
2071: (Body) Black/(Window Reveals) Black/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Gold, Red
2072: (Body) State Blue/(Window Reveals) Side–State Blue,Rear–Black/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Red, Cream
2073: (Body) Antibes Blue/(Window Reveals) Antibes Blue/(Mouldings) Boatswain Blue/(Stripe) Silver
2074: (Body) Killarney Gray/(Window Reveals) Tacoma Cream/(Mouldings) Neptune Green/(Stripe) Cream
2075: (Body) Olympic Blue/(Window Reveals) Olympic Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Red, Cream
2076: (Body) Black/(Window Reveals) Black/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Green
2077: (Body) State Blue/(Window Reveals) State Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Blue, Gold
2079: (Body) Vineyard Green/(Window Reveals) Storm King Gray/(Mouldings) Vineyard Green/(Stripe) Orange, Cream
2080: (Body) Bois Green/(Window Reveals) Ocean Blue/(Mouldings) Bois Green/(Stripe) Gold, Green
2081: (Body) Afgan Maroon/(Window Reveals) Tampa Red/(Mouldings) Afgan Maroon/(Stripe) Gold, Red
2082: (Body) Afgan Maroon/(Window Reveals) Afgan Maroon/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Gold, Red
2083: (Body) Black/(Window Reveals) Side Upper–Canterbury Blue, Side Lower–Antibes Blue/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Blue
2084: (Body) Monarch Maroon/(Window Reveals) Monarch Maroon/(Mouldings) Black/(Stripe) Red, Gold
2085: (Body) Gobelin Brown Light/(Window Reveals) Castleton Ivory/(Mouldings) Gobelin Brown Deep/(Stripe) Ivory<br><br><b>1933 Color</b>
2092: (Lower) Black/(Upper) Black/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Red/(Wheels) Red & Black
2093: (Lower) Minocqua Maroon/(Upper) Black/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Aurora Red/(Wheels) Black
2094: (Lower) Media Red/(Upper) Media Red/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Red/(Wheels) Red
2095: (Lower) Vendome Blue/(Upper) Vendome Blue/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Cream/(Wheels) Black
2096: (Lower) Vineyard Lake Maroon/(Upper) Black/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Red/(Wheels) Black
2097: (Lower) Maylene Maroon/(Upper) Maylene Maroon/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Aurora Red/(Wheels) Maroon
2098: (Lower) Inverness Green/(Upper) Inverness Green/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Cream
2150: (Lower) Media Red/(Upper) Media Red/(Fenders) Media Red/(Stripe) Red/(Wheels) Red
2151: (Lower) Royce Green/(Upper) Royce Green/(Fenders) Lyncroft Green/(Stripe) Cream/(Wheels) Green
2152: (Lower) Vendome Blue/(Upper) Vendome Blue/(Fenders) Vendome Blue/(Stripe) Cream/(Wheels) Black
2153: (Lower) Cashew Tan/(Upper) Cashew Tan/(Fenders) Cashew Tan/(Stripe) Red/(Wheels) Red
2154: (Lower) Martini Brown/(Upper) Martini Brown/(Fenders) Wilshire Brown/(Stripe) Green/(Wheels) Green
2155: (Lower) Minocqua Maroon/(Upper) Minocqua Maroon/(Fenders) Maroon/(Stripe) Aurora Red/(Wheels) Maroon
2156: (Lower) Vineyard Lake Maroon/(Upper) Maroon/(Fenders) Maroon/(Stripe) Red/(Wheels) Maroon
2157: (Lower) Cadet Blue/(Upper) Cadet Blue/(Fenders) Cadet Blue/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Blue
2158: (Lower) Brewster Green/(Upper) Brewster Green/(Fenders) Brewster Green/(Stripe) Cream/(Wheels) Black
2159: (Lower) Verdome Blue/(Upper) Stygian Blue/(Fenders) Stygain Blue/(Stripe) Cream/(Wheels) Black
2160: (Lower) Martini Brown/(Upper) MartiniBrown/(Fenders) Wilshire Brown/(Stripe) Cream/(Wheels) Brown
2161: (Lower) Canyon Drab/(Upper) Canyon Drab/(Fenders) Canyon Drab/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Brown
2162: (Lower) Maylene Maroon/(Upper) Maylene Maroon/(Fenders) Maylenemaroon/(Stripe) Gold Bronze/(Wheels) Black
2163: (Lower) Billiard Green Dark/(Upper) Billiard Green Dark/(Fenders) Billiard Green Dark/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Green
2164: (Lower) Inverness Green/(Upper) Inverness Green/(Fenders) Inverness Green/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Cream<br><br><b>1934 Color</b>
2100: (Upper) Stygain Blue/(Lower) Stygain Blue/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Black, Tacoma Cream
2101: (Upper) Black/(Lower) Black/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Black
2102: (Upper) Douglas Green/(Lower) Douglas Green/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Apple Green/(Wheels) Black
2103: (Upper) Regent Maroon/(Lower) Regent Maroon/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Gold Bronze/(Wheels) Black
2104: (Upper) Chantal Blue/(Lower) Chantal Blue/(Fenders) Black/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Black, Tacoma Cream
2170: (Upper) Sagebrush Green Dark/(Lower) Sagebrush Green Dark/(Fenders) Sagebrush Green Dark/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Black, Tacoma Cream
2171: (Upper) Chantal Blue/(Lower) Chantal Blue/(Fenders) Chantal Blue/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Black, Tacoma Cream
2172: (Upper) Angelus Gray/(Lower) Angelus Gray/(Fenders) Angelus Gray/(Stripe) Arlen Green/(Wheels) Black, Arlen Green
2173: (Upper) Regent Maroon/(Lower) Regent Maroon/(Fenders) Regent Maroon/(Stripe) Gold Bronze/(Wheels) Black
2174: (Upper) Stygain Blue/(Lower) Stygain Blue/(Fenders) Stygain Blue/(Stripe) Tacoma Cream/(Wheels) Black
2175: (Upper) Douglas Green/(Lower) Douglas Green/(Fenders) Douglas Green/(Stripe) Apple Green/(Wheels) Black
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