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  Topic: 1960 Pontiac Ventura, 2 door hardtop...built for drag racing

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PostForum: Cars - For Sale   Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 12:40 pm   Subject: 1960 Pontiac Ventura, 2 door hardtop...built for drag racing
1960 Pontiac Ventura, 2 door hardtop...built for drag racing

Tilt front end, custom paint, full (old style) upholstry, Complete with roll cage.
389 c.i. 12.5 CR 450-500 hp,
Weight: 4000 lbs.
Eag ...
  Topic: Standard Catalog of Firebird- e-Book

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PostForum: General Pontiac Talk   Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 3:45 pm   Subject: Standard Catalog of Firebird- e-Book
Standard Catalog of Firebird 1967-2002 eBook
By John Gunnell

Format: eBook

Do you love the Firebird? In this Standard Catalog of Firebird, John Gunnell takes you through every model of the clas ...
  Topic: 1963 Catalina 4 door

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PostForum: Parts - Wanted   Posted: Fri May 12, 2017 11:24 am   Subject: '63 Parts Needed
Check with Steve at Pontiac Heaven: steve@pontiacheaven.org

And also Frank at Frank's Pontiac Parts- see his ad to the left.

Keep us posted on your needs and progress.
  Topic: Transmission ID Locations

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PostForum: All Pontiac Info   Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:28 pm   Subject: Transmission ID Locations
While cruising the "old interweb," we found something from our friends at Auto Zone that might be helpful for our Pontiac lovers. See below.

What caught our attention was the use of actua ...
  Topic: 1965 Catalina M20 & Differential

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PostForum: Full Size Pontiacs: 1955 - 1986   Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:07 pm   Subject: Gear Oils
There are tons of people in different forums with the same questions as you have. Most will agree that the 80-90 as you use (and I would too) is the perfect one for the trans and rear end.

As far a ...
  Topic: Power Steering Kit

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PostForum: Early Years: 1926 - 1954   Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:22 pm   Subject: Power Steering Pump
The Rebuilding Factory says they rebuild "any" units. Check them out at: http://www.rebuildingfactory.com/?gclid=CJLtybHhsdMCFQ0HhgodvuQMSg

Don't know if anyone has kits anymore. It would ...
  Topic: 69 Lemans gto shell

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PostForum: Cars - Wanted   Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:44 pm   Subject: 1969 Shell
Since you're heading to California, don't forget to contact Frank at Frank's Pontiac Parts. See their ad to the left.

Call them to see if they have a car/shell before they take it all apart.

Che ...
  Topic: 66 Catalina Brakes

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PostForum: Full Size Pontiacs: 1955 - 1986   Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:13 am   Subject: Brake Material
Sadly "Generous Motors" kept getting more and more greedy with royalty payments, so we basically had to tell them to "put it where the sun don't shine." If you need a manual I will ...
  Topic: Calling all Fiero Owners!

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PostForum: Fiero: 1984 - 1988   Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:34 pm   Subject: 1987 Fiero
Fiero... probably one of Pontiac's most fun cars to have today!

Congratulations of a great move in the Pontiac hobbyplace. They are great little cars, and in my opinion, the later ones were fantast ...
  Topic: 1948 Odometer restoring

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PostForum: Early Years: 1926 - 1954   Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:43 pm   Subject: Instruments
Don't quite understand what exactly you're looking for, but this is the best place to start: http://www.bobsspeedometer.com/1/120/index.asp

Bob's Speedometer is well known in the field for gauge re ...
  Topic: vin# vs Body by Fisher cowl tag

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PostForum: Firebird/TransAm: 1967 - 2002   Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:30 pm   Subject: Formula?
Something's wrong here.

You say the VIN has "U" AND "T"...? It can't be both, unless the "T" is the 5th symbol for engine code (which is for: 400, 4bbl. 250hp. The VIN ...
  Topic: 1966 Grand Prix bolt pattern

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PostForum: Full Size Pontiacs: 1955 - 1986   Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:06 am   Subject: Tire/Wheel Sizes
Thanks! I'll give it a read and share to with everyone on our site.
  Topic: 1964 catalina

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PostForum: Pontiac Technical News   Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:48 am   Subject: Tire Sizes
8.00 x 14 4-ply standard on all models except Safari, police, heavy duty chassis, and air conditioned cars.

8.50 x 14 4-ply standard on all air conditioned and Safari cars.

(From 1963-64 Service ...
  Topic: Hydramatic single coupling transmission for 1956 cheiftain

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PostForum: Parts - Wanted   Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:42 am   Subject: Transmission Part
Check with our Automatic Transmission Tech Advisor.
  Topic: 1966 Grand Prix bolt pattern

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PostForum: Full Size Pontiacs: 1955 - 1986   Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:53 am   Subject: Wheel Fits
Do you have that chart that you could share for Pontiac information?
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