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Ok, when does humor stop being funny? I guess when it is directed at us.

Obviously this fellow at "UnlikelyStories.com" wasn't too impressed with Pontiac's "We Build Excitement" ad campaign. Perhaps he had one too many bad experiences with a PMD service department. Or was he just willing to take a shot at just about anything that offered the potential for humor?

If you check out Click Here I think you will agree it is the latter. There is some really funny off beat humor there. But I wouldn't feel as bad if there was a Chevy or Ford joke shown, which there isn't.

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 01:23PM

1955 Pontiac, Dogs, and A/C

Once again we find Jay Piersanti "Otto Mechanic" of Old Cars Weekly featuring a Pontiac in his recent cartoon. And why not? They have to be more fun to draw than all the other Plain Jane cars!

This one is cute, especially for all us dog lovers... and '55 Pontiac lovers. How true it is that the pups will hang their heads out of the windows all day long if you let them. Sometimes they'll darn near crawl out the side of the car to get more wind in their face.

It brings up the question: Why is it that a dog will hang out of a speeding car to get wind in the face, but if you bend down and blow in their face, they freak out?

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 01:24PM

Child Windshield Wiper

Cheap is cheap, but this takes the cake. Not to mention (today) a sure call to Child Protective Services. Certainly the Labor Department, at least. The subject is silly, but the car is cool. While not a Pontiac, it sure is a dead ringer for a 1947 Oldsmobile with its "frowning" grille.

Added by: Larry
July 18, 2016 01:12PM

Follow the Basic Troubleshooting Steps!

We've all been there before! Step-by-step we plod through the problem-- probably not as casually as these two handy guys though.

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 02:10PM

Need a Good Laugh- April 2017

Be sure to check our monthly Humor Section on our home page (see rotating art in lower right corner, and click on it). But for those who need even more, check our archived monthly humor right here- and MUCH more too!

Brought to you by our good friends at Cruisin' Style Magazine: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 18, 2017 08:27AM

New Composite Car Materials

"Holiday fruitcake, styrofoam, and Dick Clark's DNA"
Just don't let PMD know about this stuff... they might go back to making more body cladding with it! They finally dropped all the add-on stuff plastered all over the sides.... now all we need to do is have them get rid of extra humps and bumps and spoilers that look like they are made out of clay. But, to their credit, they are getting much better as seen by recent offerings.... just keep thinking "BMW" in the design department- less can be more!

All kidding aside, there have been some remarkable advances made in plastics and such in the auto world. Who would have ever dreamed of a plastic intake manifold? Today it's not unusual for many body panels to be all plastic. And, guess what? A lot of this technology being used by everyone today was developed by Pontiac in the Fiero program.

Perhaps the Fiero would have lived on (maybe as the Solstice?) if they had added some of that Dick Clark DNA... couldn't have hurt!

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 01:42PM

Remember Those Gas Prices?

While the lowest gas prices I can remember were at the Hudson gas station outside of Milwaukee in the '60s at 24-cents per gallon, once in a while gas wars took them down to this range. Rarely though did gas prices ever get this low as a normal course, even going way back. My mother ran our '53 Mercury Monterey on a $2.00 per week gas budget... that took her grocery shopping where we dragged three full shopping carts to the check out on a $60.00 per week food budget too.

But the concept is right... "back then" there may have been affordable gas, but unaffordable cars. Funny how today we drive $20,000 to $50,000 cars, pay $4-5.00 per gallon for gas, and still live better that our parents or grandparents did.

What's a "plugger?" Well, it's a cartoon strip from back in the '30s and a "plugger" is sort of a blue collar middle class sort of person... hey, most all of us are "Pluggers!"

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 12:28PM

Wide-Track Fever!

Check out the date of 1960. Pontiac's new Wide-Track cars-- and especially the advertising hype-- had everyone a-buzz. That was the idea, market a concept or product that is unique enough to generate even more talk than just the actual product itself. Even if it's being spoofed as here, at least people are talking about your product. The Wide-Track Pontiac ad campaign painted anything less as an inferior automobile-- it worked!

Added by: Larry
March 21, 2013 02:11PM

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