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1940 See-Through Pontiac

No it's not x-ray vision, or those "special" glasses you used to be able to buy from the back pages of comic books.... it is actually a "see-through" Pontiac. Never before, and never again, has so much been put into doing something as special as this to show what was going on inside a new car. This 1940 Pontiac tells the story of Pontiac and the use of an all new product, plexi-glas.

See this remarkable Pontiac and learn all about it in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 11:10AM

1955 Pontiac-- McCahill Test Report

Here we have the first time report of the all new V-8 Pontiac by the best in the business, Tom McCahill. If anyone would give a true view of this new powerplant and this entirely newly designed Pontiac, he would. And while a rather mundane four-door sedan was chosen as the test vehicle (I'm sure they were hoping for a Star Chief convertible!), it delivered in every way they could have imagined it might.

Read all about the high marks Pontiac received in this test report in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 11:23AM

1957 Pontiac-- Hot Rod Test Report

It was an exciting year as 1957 dawned with the hot new Pontiac. But it was even more exciting to see the '57 gracing the cover of Hot Rod Magazine... was this a factory "hot rod"? We were about to find out, and so were the testing crew of Hot Rod. This Pontiac delivered, and they reported! Study technical information that explains the why and wherefore of this new high performance PMD offering.

Read this accounting of the all new '57 Pontiac as it is put through its paces in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 11:21AM

1957 Star Chief Safari- Mechanix Illustrated

By 1957 "Uncle Tom" Tom McCahill had been road testing cars for some time already. So you can imagine the thrill the mid-'50s must have been as cars changed so quickly into gleaming, low slung speed machines- and that was just the everyday sort of cars!

From his articles during this time (this one included), Pontiac did quite a bit to impress him on every account. This one was a little different as he chose a fully-loaded big Pontiac... and he was glad he did!

Read all about this road test in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 01, 2018 02:18PM

1958 Pontiac Test Report

There is little that is more entertaining than a Tom McCahill test report. But beyond his unique command of the English language (we think it's English- hard to tell sometimes!), is his ability to really put a car through its paces, and tell everyone the honest results. From this '58 Pontiac report, it is obvious he was impressed. And you will be too when you read it... lots of exciting things to report!

Check out the all new 1958 Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
November 03, 2016 11:30AM

1960 Pontiac

The year of 1960 dawned for Pontiac on a high note with the new Wide-Track for 1959 having set the car buying public on its ear just the year before... and sending the other manufacturers scrambling to play catch-up. In this test report we see that the automotive test reporters are probably still on a high, but beginning to at least point out the weak points too. Overall, though, the reports were quite high, and Pontiac would go on for 1960 with another great year of sales and performance.

Read this interesting test report on the 1960 Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 10:45AM

1961 Daytona 500: Pontiac Ruled!

It was 1961 Daytona Speed Week, only a short few years since Pontiac had ventured into the performance field- and boy did they venture! Right up into first place winner's circles more times than the competition liked. To say the race was on for Pontiac is an understatement.

In this old Car Life article, Speed Week in Daytona, Florida was visited. And at the culmination, with the Daytona 500 mile race, Pontiac did not disappoint. Marvin Panch, in an already one year old Pontiac by Smokey Yunick, saw the checkered flag after a record speed setting long race. This was the beginning of a time when speeds were getting so high, many were getting worried. Mostly because certain control features and safety features were lagging way behind the speed developments.

Check out this exciting Pontiac time capsule in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 13, 2021 02:24PM

1961 Pontiac Super Stock- Car Life Test Report

In this October 1961 Car Life magazine test report, we find some rather amazing facts and figures. Sometimes we have to stop and remember that long before the "muscle car" era where big engines met small cars, muscle was measured in horsepower and girth. That is, big cars ruled. And you had to do some real work to move that extra weight at such impressive speeds. With a car like this 1961 full-sized Pontiac we see that Pontiac engineering was up to the task, and would rule the big car power circuits for the next few years.

Read all about this Pontiac muscle in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
June 02, 2016 10:47AM

1961 Pontiac Tempest V-8: Motor Trend Report

Many Pontiac hobbyists have long appreciated the cute "Little Indian" Pontiac Tempests from 1961 through 1963. But when they hit the scene, they generated quite a buzz because of their unique "half-a-V-8" engine and independent suspension transaxle rear end. This didn't go unnoticed by the automotive press either. However, here we have the only article we have seen that tells of the less unconventional (though still quite out of the Pontiac norm) engine- the aluminum V-8. Motor Trend didn't go into the nits and grits of it like we would have liked, but they did test it rather thoroughly- and liked it.

See what Motor Trend thought of the V-8 1961 Tempest in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 06, 2020 12:32PM

1962 Catalina 421- Motor Trend Test Report May 1962

For those who love the brute force that Pontiac was generating back on the '60s, this will seriously float your boat (not in reference to being a big car either). This was when Jim Wangers, who went on to be the GTO guru, was campaigning these big, powerful Pontiacs to drag strip victories. It was also when the "average Joe" could walk into his local Pontiac dealership and order one of these beasts without proving any racing credentials (which judging by their power might have actually been a good idea). The Muscle Car race was on, and it didn't really start with the mid-size revolution in '64. Those roots were actually in cars like this 421 Catalina, 300 letter series Chrysler products, 406 Fords, etc.

See what Motor Trend had to say about this 421 Catalina in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 06, 2016 10:16AM

1962 Pontiac 421 Performance Goodies- Engine Mag.

When you speak of Legends of Pontiac, the 421 engine is probably as close to the top (if not at the top) as you can get. In this "Engines" Magazine article many of the "secrets" of what made this engine so unstoppable were put out for even the competition to dig into- not that it would help them much! For those who have been following Pontiac's performance from these early days, you will enjoy seeing some names of the greats here too. And, if you're running or building such a thing today, this advice is still good.

Check out these 421 Goodies in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 12, 2022 08:30PM

1962 Tempest- Motor Trend Test Report

Not everybody in 1962 was obsessed with speed and power, some were actually looking at down-sizing their transportation a bit and getting some economy too. By 1962, Pontiac was in its second year offering a compact. And what a snazzy little car it was... and innovative as well with its half-a-V8 and transaxle rear. The folks at Motor Trend were nicely impressed too, as seen in this report. If you're looking for a great hobby car, give these early Tempests a good look. You'll have a ball with one of these nice little Pontiacs.

But for now, read a great report on the hot little '62 Tempest in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
September 07, 2016 01:01PM

1963 326 Tempest Hot Rod Test Report

In this February 1963 Hot Rod magazine test report, shared with us by Jeff Redhage of Sullivan, Missouri, their excitement is obvious as they run the new-for-'63 326 cu. in. V8 Tempest through its paces.

They make an interesting comparison (and explanation) concerning the previous Tempest 215 cu. in. V8 offerings for previous years. It is also interesting to hear their remarks of how they feel for 1964, this Tempest might be even better-- if they only knew!

Read all about this beginning of the Tempest power surge in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 09:52AM

1963 Lightweight Pontiacs- Hot Rod Magazine Report

We've all followed the mystique of the lightweight Pontiac program and longed to own a real "Swiss Cheese" Pontiac... good luck with that! There have also been lots of reports over the years about these stormers, and especially the huge dollars they pull today. But here we have an actual report about these cars "from the day" as reviewed in 1963 by Hot Rod magazine.

Check out this early report of these amazing Pontiacs in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
June 02, 2017 10:35AM

1965 Tempest- Motor Trend "Car of the Year"

This Motor Trend magazine reprint completes the Pontiac line-up for the "Car of the Year" award that Motor Trend gave to the ENTIRE field of Pontiac offerings for 1965. Quite an accomplishment! And, what's interesting about this review is that they used a six cylinder Tempest. Even as tempted as they might have been to muscle it up a bit with a 326, they stayed true to the Tempest's original intent- a mid-size car that was economical. But even at that, they were impressed with the amount of zip it still had. Perhaps if you come across a little '65 Tempest with a six, this will convince you to avoid the temptation to swap the engine to something bigger.

Check out this review in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 10, 2016 10:43AM

1965- 5000 Mile- Factory Backed GTO

Perhaps the most envied car hobbyists are those who are presently the caretaker of a car they bought themselves long ago or, as in this case, the caretaker of a car that belonged to a loved one and generated years of memories. But add to that the rarity of this car, the factory history, the racing accomplishments, and low miles and you have a very rare duck... or rather Goat.

This car has been studied and documented by many, and as such is a time capsule for those with questions of authenticity on their own projects. But beyond all of this, the story of a son's admiration and love of his father, the original owner, shines through radiantly.

Read all about this rare, preserved GTO in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2020 02:01PM

1965- Pontiac's New SOHC-6 Car & Driver Report

The often maligned "experiment" of PMD with the new single overhead cam six has taken a whole new turn- it is now a sought after collectable Pontiac. Sure it has some differences- call them quirks if you like- but there has grown such a dedicated following that help is usually only a phone call or e-mail away.

Perhaps now, after all these years, the true performance and potential of this "European" inspired powerplant is getting the attention that was hoped for back when it was first introduced.

This article delves into the earliest rumors and scant information available just before its introduction.

Check out the ins-and-outs of this unique SOHC-6 in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 11, 2021 07:46AM

1966 Drag Racing on a Budget- CARS Magazine

Not every vintage article here is all or only about Pontiacs. As in this case, we have a very informative article about drag racing "back in the day" and especially interesting... how to do it on a budget and WIN! This is all about the cars many of us lusted after in the early 1960s, including Pontiacs. It goes into great detail about the class setups of the two major racing sanctioning bodies and how everyday guys and gals could get into the drag racing hobby as just that- a hobby, and not a major investment.

Take a trip back in time to the formative days of drag racing in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
July 08, 2022 06:58PM

1967 Firebird Introduction- Car Life Magazine

The automotive world was flipped onto its head when Ford surprised everyone with the new Mustang on April 14, 1964 (later referred to as the '64-1/2). An entirely new genre of car was born, and for being the "first," the Mustang introduced what would become known as the "Pony Car" to America.

Notice how all the credit was given to Ford, when Plymouth actually introduced the Barracuda on April 1st. It was no April Fools joke, but nonetheless, people just didn't seem to notice or care. We should all be happy for that, as we certainly didn't want to see an automotive war for title of the best "Fish Car."

All that aside, GM sure had a wake up call, but it took about 2-1/2 years to finally crank out their response to the Mustang with the Caramo and, fortunately for us, the Firebird.

Read all about the Firebird introduction and its comparison to the Camaro and Mustang by Car Life Magazine in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
December 08, 2021 01:43PM

1967 Firebird Sprint- Special Interest Auto Report

With as little promotion in ads and such that PMD gave to their revolutionary overhead cam six engine (at least finding any today is slim-to-none), it is exciting to find such a long, and detailed report about this engine as it occupied center spot in the 1967 Firebird Sprint. This Special Interest Auto report takes us back briefly into the history of Pontiac and how it got to this point of unique development. We know you'll enjoy it so much that we bet you'll look at the OHC-6 Firebirds and Tempests in a whole new light.. maybe even start looking for one yourself!

Read all about this exciting little Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 09, 2016 04:19PM

1967 Grand Prix Road Test- Motor Trend Magazine

It seemed a little awkward for these writes having to deal with a huge car like the Pontiac Grand Prix. It appeared as if they were continually making excuses for its size. Sorry, not every test report is going to be for a Firebird or GTO. But the good news is that they seemed to come around. If nothing else, they were impressed that such a big car could not only be luxurious but also sporty and chocked full of performance. No doubt these were young writers who had no idea that the performance years didn't start with mid-size cars, rather full-size cars stuffed with big engines- like a '67 Grand Prix. They also reported on a '67 2+2 that was a factory experimental fiberglass-bodied prototype. Wouldn't it be cool today to find a complete fiberglass '67 Pontiac 2-door hardtop?

All in all it is a good review of the '67 Grand Prix which you can find in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
September 07, 2023 09:06PM

1967 LeMans Sprint in Europe- Car & Driver

It appears that way before the release of the 1973 Grand Am with the supposed "European" styling, PMD had its eyes on proving their wares to the European market. In this case with a 1967 LeMans. And perhaps to show just how hi-tech PMD was, with the all-new Overhead Cam Six engine. ("We hear they like that sort of thing over there" was probably their reasoning.) But we can't help but wonder if the nose-in-the-air French were less than impressed with the use of their cherished "LeMans" moniker.

Anyway... off the Car & Driver crew went to Europe. While this is an interesting account of their travels, there is very little actual discussion of the pluses and minuses of the car. A couple remarks here and there- mostly negative- about a big car on small roads and a lot of unfair comparison of the U.S. car against cars specifically designed for the local territory. It almost seems like they were more interested in trying to impress everyone with their knowledge of French food and wines. But in spite of all of this, still an interesting read.

Check out how Car & Driver fared with a 1967 LeMans OHC-6 in Europe in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
August 10, 2023 05:51PM

1968 GTO: Hot Rod Test Report

OK, GTO lovers, here's a test report you won't want to miss!

While we all know the hype of the all newly styled '68 GTO and the performance it brought to the street, you would think Hot Rod was getting paid for this glowing report. Obviously, they were impressed... but that doesn't surprise us one bit.

If this '68 GTO was a political candidate, the other party would be screaming for equal time! But knowing Hot Rod's objectivity in test reporting, we are just happy to hear how much they were impressed with this new Pontiac

Read all about this new-for-'68 GTO in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 09:48AM

1969 Royal Pontiac's F/S Firebird- Super Stock Magazine

Ever wish you had saved all those old racing and performance magazines to always have those neat Pontiac articles whenever you wanted them? Well, we have the answer for that wish... without even having to worry about storage or flooded basements and soggy magazines.

Our Vintage Test Report and Magazine Reprints archive is hoping to have every Pontiac article there was some day. Here you have one more for you to enjoy, as an interesting report of how Royal worked their magic in a 350 Firebird.

Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Our thanks to Jeff Redhage of Sullivan, Missouri for sharing this neat old article with all of us.

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 10:42AM

1970 GTO- Tale of the Tiger Test Report

It was the beginning of an all new decade, and things should have been looking rosie. But truth be told, even PMD- the creators of the "Muscle Car"- probably saw the hand writing on the wall when it cranked out this '70 GTO. We all know that from then on they never were what they had been. But, these fellows at Motor Trend could not have cared less. They had a fun machine to put through its paces, and by and large came away feeling good about the experience.

Read all about their tests of this Goat, and even learn a few tuning tricks, that are still good to know today, in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 19, 2017 02:42PM

1971 Mid-Engine Firebird- Motor Trend Magazine

It appears that PMD's sports car- the Firebird- was on its way to becoming a Euro-styled, 2-seater racer. Well, at least in private hands. But you can bet it was with the full attention of the Pontiac people, especially as mentioned in this article, if it could be done on a budget. How cool would it have been to have a mid-engine Firebird? The problem I see, however, is how the heck do you work on these things?!? Perhaps that would have been worked out, but with continued high sales of the Firebird in its stock configuration, it would be a bit silly to take on such a huge change. And with 99.9% of Firebird buyers being the general public, as opposed to racers, who would have really noticed, or cared? But it sure makes an interesting study in a new approach to performance.

Read all about this one-off Firebird in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
August 04, 2016 08:43AM

1974 GTO Super Stock Magazine Drag Test

Most all consider the GTO life span to be the years of 1964-1974. Of course we all realize they returned with less than great acceptance later, but that is more or less a totally different story.

Here we get to enjoy a test review by Super Stock magazine from back in 1974. For a performance sort of magazine, they were impressed, and kind too, noting the deficiencies from the past, but accepting them. It is an interesting, and somewhat different, sort of report. You'll enjoy it.

Read this last-of-the-GTOs review in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 09:08AM

1974 Trans Am SD455 Super Stock Magazine

After what seems like ages, we have finally gotten around to presenting the first of a three part test report from the June 1974 Super Stock & Drag Illustrated Magazine on the very rare '74 SD-455 Trans Am.

If you like rare, performance Pontiacs, this one is for you. Watch for Parts II and III of this magazine test/build coming soon.

Enjoy "Phase I" test report in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Enjoy "Phase II" test report in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Enjoy "Phase III" test report in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 10:27AM

1977 Trans Am- Ego Machine

It may have been well into the demise of the muscle car era by 1977, but it was the new age of "Macho." Everything was macho-this and macho-that. Every gut seemed to want to be the head stud duck on the block. But that wasn't all bad when you consider Pontiac deciding to satisfy that macho thirst.

Such was the job of the Trans am like this black and gold SE for 1977. And it wasn't just advertising macho hype, it was performance too, as well presented in this old magazine review. So put on your old bell bottoms, turn up your big silky shirt collar and enjoy.

Check out this '77 T/A Ego Machine in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 09, 2017 01:13PM

1984 Fiero Review- Popular Hot Rodding

Pontiac finally got a shot at producing a real sports car... so was born the Fiero.

Now every Fiero owner/hobbyist will tell you what a great, fun, well made Pontiac it is- and rightfully so. But it was supposed to be so much more... if only it could have been! From the opening line of this Popular Hot Rodding test report you can see the problem... "Look out, Corvette."

You might as well wave a red cape at the General Motors corporate bulls than to threaten in any way their holy grail Corvette. That was Pontiac's problem all along. And we know how a performance battle would have probably turned out too-- well, you guess... Corvette-like grace with Pontiac power. It wouldn't have been a fight.

Now, Pontiac really did do well with the Fiero, going in some very interesting directions. And performance-wise, the later models really had some punch... and the looks got even better year-by-year. But once again Pontiac ran up against the GM powers that be, and the plug was pulled. Can you imagine, with all the technology that has since developed, just what a Fiero would have been by now?!

Check out this article in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 08:40AM

Ace Wilson's Royal Bobcat Pontiacs

There have been car builders, and there have been car builders-- but few ever achieved the fame and successes of Royal Pontiac in Royal Oak, Michigan. All the work of an ambitious group, this '60s phenomenon was made possible by Ace Wilson with the help of the likes of Jim Wangers and others dedicated to campaigning their super-tuned Pontiacs to numerous championships.

This reprinted article from Hot Rod magazine is a look back to a time when Pontiac knew it could rule, and proved it over and over again.

Read all about this exciting era of Pontiac performance in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 10:07AM

John Sawruk- Executive Automotive Enthusiast

To say John Sawruk was an "Executive Automotive Enthusiast" is an understatement to the Nth degree. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing John knew they had a very good friend in the Pontiac hobbyplace. His knowledge and experience in Pontiac and all things automotive was unsurpassed, most likely because everything he did he did with a passion to learn and then pass on and save for future automotive enthusiasts.

Sadly, John left us all too soon. However, his impact on the Pontiac hobby will always live on. We are all very fortunate to have John's wife Marge and family to continue sharing his knowledge and information amassed during his career with the hobbyplace. Such is this shared article from in 1986.

Read all about this dedicated Pontiac crusader in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 09, 2018 08:41AM

Pontiac- It was an Oakland Once

As car hobbyists, who doesn't like learning all the history they can behind their favorite brand? Here we see an early magazine article that explained the origins of Pontiac, back through its Oakland roots.

Enjoy this look back into the early days of automotive development in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 08, 2013 11:39AM

Screwdriver Tune-Up: Royal Pontiac Bobcat Package

Remember when, back in 1963, the Beatles asked musically "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" Well, here it was also 1963 when Car Life magazine spilled the magic (and most likely secret) beans to the automotive world of what was going on in Ace Wilson's Royal Pontiac garage to beat everyone else on the street. Tricks are tricks... and we all knew Royal's Bobcat Package was a result of knowing which tricks worked and why. So, we wonder if this article was done with their cooperation or not. Surely ("don't call me Shirley") every backyard Pontiac street racer who had 60-cents for the June Car Life issue could now save the $60.00 charged at Royal... can you imagine that package for $60.00?!?

Guess what? Those secrets still apply today. And if not directly applicable to your engine, the principles will still be the same. This "screwdriver tune-up" is the automotive answer to "How do you eat an elephant?"... "One bite at a time!" Follow these little tips "one bite at a time" and you'll have a real elephant of a powerplant when done... this time for free!

Check out the Royal Bobcat Package in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
August 03, 2017 04:57PM

The "Jagiac" Special Interest Auto Report

So, you like oddball stuff, huh? How about really cool oddball stuff? What could be better than that, attention seeker?!? Well, in this Special Interest Auto report from 1995 we find an OHC-6 Pontiac "Cammer" stuffed into a "car of everyone's dreams" Jaguar XKE. Admit it, you'd love to have one of these sleek road rockets. Unfortunately its whereabouts today are unknown. And sadly, even if you found it, the OHC-6 was removed. As a compliment to the English engineering, no matter what they did to the OHC-6, however, it still fell short of the original Jag's performance. Still, it would be neat to go to a car show and pop the "bonnet" and show the unexpected, while also keeping your Pontiac creds in good order.

Rear all about it in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 20, 2016 09:13AM

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