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Oct. '23 Cover Feature: A Pontiac Celebration- 2023

Once again "A Pontiac Celebration" in beautiful Warwick, Rhode Island was a huge success. Though early show day drizzles scared away a few day-of-show attendees, it was still a large assembly of many of the area's best Pontiacs. The Friday evening Teddy Bear Cruise also drew a big showing of a wide variety of great cars. And, as always (since 2010) money was raised to donate to our two children's cancer charities. Our thanks go out to all the many Pontiac hobbyists who continue to support this event and who had a great Pontiac-filled weekend too.

Rear all about "A Pontiac Celebration- 2023" in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 06, 2023 04:25PM

Oct. '22 Cover Feature: GTOAA Regional Show at Pontiac Museum

Where better to celebrate the Pontiacs that we all love than at the Pontiac Oakland Museum in Pontiac, Illinois? Such was the case when the GTOAA folks put on a great show this past September. If it was sort of an end-of-show-season event, you would never have known it by the beautiful Midwest weather.

While this was sort of a spur of the moment trip, it was worth every bit of travel from way down in Florida and airport hopping to get there, even meeting up with a friend coming from Long Island. Probably proving that these car events are as much about the people as they are about the machinery. From all angles it was a wonderful event, with great people, beautiful cars, and hosted at the fantastic Pontiac Museum of Tim & Penny Dye.

Read all about our Pontiac, Illinois Pontiac adventure in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 08, 2022 05:38PM

May '22 Cover Feature: Pontiac Railroad Cars

Not every Pontiac was destined to be tearing down the straight-line quarter mile, banking around the asphalt oval, or just smokin' 'em at the local drive-in. Some spent their years living a Roger Miller song as they "rode the rails." Other cars have been put to the same task, but we have actually found references to Pontiacs' thread width being "just right" for the task. Perhaps we shouldn't be asking if you have a Wide Track Pontiac, but rather what gauge Pontiac you have. Kidding aside, this is an interesting look at a little seen side of Pontiac's history.

Check out the choo-choo Pontiacs in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 08, 2022 07:11PM

Feb. '22 Cover Feature: Mecum Kissimmee Auction

It was that time of year again- beautiful sunny skies, warm temperatures, shorts, short sleeves-- Yes, wintertime in Florida! And once again the Mecum auction people rolled into Kissimmee, Florida for the largest collector car auction in the world January 6-16th. And as usual it was a spectacular event that this crew pulls off seamlessly every time. What made it an even better day when we visited was the wide selection of Pontiacs. But as usual, for any car lover, there was something for everyone.

For a review of this event, and how Pontiac did, check our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 02, 2022 09:41AM

Sept. '21 Cover Feature: History of Station Wagons- and Pontiac

Those who have been around the hobbyplace for a while have watched as over the years the once lowly workhorse station wagon began to climb up the collectable and valuable slope. Perhaps this was because of the mystique of the Woodie Wagons and the fact that they had a cult following, and also were prone to disappear quickly due to age and neglect. It only seemed natural that the steel wagons would get some pull from this same popularity.

But even more than that is the fact that with our rapidly changing world, they became a symbol of the way things used to be, and a big part of everyone's nostalgia for those long gone days of growing up.

Although Pontiac was a late bloomer in the wagon department, they did jump in and had a 50 year run of building some magnificent machines. Many which today are sought after vehicles by collectors guaranteed to draw a crowd of admirers wherever they go.

Learn about the history behind the station wagon and Pontiac's place in the world of "Long Roofs" in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
September 07, 2021 12:36PM

Dec.'20 Cover Feature: A Pontiac Winter & Holiday Celebration

Before we forget... Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings! Now we can apologize for being a little late with this month's Cover Feature; but we have a reason. First we are just like you, behind as Christmas rapidly approaches, but secondly, because we did something very different with this holiday feature. We hope you will enjoy a huge assortment of Pontiacs during the holiday season in ads and in print, and while deep into the winter season (in snow that is!).

Enjoy our Holiday Pontiac Presentation in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
December 15, 2020 02:29PM

June '20 Cover Feature: 1965 Tempest Custom

Many of us have grown up in car families, but only a few are able to say they grew up with a particular car that transcends its job as just transportation, and becomes a family member of sorts. Such is the story of this '65 Tempest Custom that became a father's keepsake, but like so many other things wound up pushed aside as family and other needs mounted. But it is also a story of a son following through as a gift to his father with a restoration. Sadly, it is also a story of life and just how fragile it can be sometimes. Read and enjoy how a son proudly honors his father.

Check out this unique '65 Tempest Custom in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
June 01, 2020 11:47AM

Feb. '20 Cover Feature: Mecum Kissimmee Auction- 2020

Once again we trekked off to Kissimmee, FL to scope out the largest collector car auction in the world- Mecum. It truly did not disappoint from a size perspective, but from a scope perspective (meaning how many Pontiacs), it was a little slim. That seems to be the story for a few years, but Pontiac lovers don't cry, as the quality of what was there was very good. We're thinking that in past years when the economy was not so good, many cars came out of garages and were "traded" for mortgage payments. Today, with a booming economy, perhaps fewer cars are being sold to cover financial needs... and that is a very good thing.

Here we feature the 2020 Mecum auction as we enjoyed it. Check out the Pontiac action (and more) at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 08, 2020 09:50AM

Jan. '20 Cover Feature: 1970 GTO Pilot Car Found

There can only be so many "Holy Grails" of certain "worshiped" things. Can a car fit into this category? We think so. In this case we have an article prepared by one of the most eminent Pontiac researchers around today. It documents what is thought to be one of very few "pilot cars" to survive from PMD. In this case, it is a 1970 GTO. And, not only is it a pilot car, but it is also the FIRST GTO built for 1970.

If you love Pontiac history, and especially GTOs, then this is for you. Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
January 02, 2020 01:20PM

August '19 Cover Feature: 1966 Bonneville Convertible

Remember when everyday cars stretched the better part of a city block? OK, we've exaggerated a bit, but if you were driving them then, or lucky enough to be driving one of them today, you know exactly what we're talking about. And... they had super amounts of get-up-and-go too! Not much for gas mileage, but who cared back then?!? Hopefully you can relive some of those days through this Cover Feature. What a wonderful story about a great old Pontiac that has lived a special, well cared for life.

Check out this family Bonneville in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
August 01, 2019 03:17PM

November '18 Cover Featue- Farewell to "The Bandit"

Perhaps nobody was more loved in the Pontiac community than Burt Reynolds who almost singlehandedly propelled the Trans Am into stardom. His unique style of humor and grace (certainly coupled with great performance skills) made him loved by all, and he will be dearly missed. Not just by car folks, but be everyone who enjoyed his career for all these years. He was truly a legend.

This is a tribute to "The Bandit" by one of his biggest fans- "Bandit Rich" of Massachusetts.

Join as we say farewell to a legend in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
November 04, 2018 09:36AM

October '18 Cover Featue- A Pontiac Celebration- 2018

Once again (for the fifth time) the Pontiac lovers of the Northeast gathered at "A Pontiac Celebration" for lots of Pontiac fun and the chance to help the two children's cancer charities we support. This year broke previous records of cars showing with 255 on the show field, and money raised with approximately $18,000 to donate to this great cause. We thank all who worked so hard to accomplish another great show, and to all the Pontiac hobbyists who supported it.

Check out this great event in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 06, 2018 10:33AM

December '17 Cover Feature: Ames Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals

Nowhere else on earth will you find the shear volume of Pontiacs on display than at the Norwalk, Ohio Pontiac Nationals which has become know simply as "Norwalk" to all Pontiac lovers. And by "volume" we don't just mean quantity. This is a place where Pontiacs scream- and the volume of race prepped Pontiacs tearing up the asphalt can be deafening.

This was the 26th annual event covered by Pontiac lover and racer, Jeff Redhage of Sullivan, Missouri. We thank Jeff for his fine coverage and excellent photography of this event. We will be bringing even more photos of the race action in further articles... stay tuned.

If you couldn't make "Norwalk" this year, we hope this coverage will make you clear your calendar for next year. Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
December 01, 2017 04:02PM

October '17 Cover Feature: 1951 Pontiac Chieftain

What could be more enjoyable than having a beautiful 1951 Pontiac Chieftain? How about one that brings back memories of a young man and a VERY carefree time of his life? We all had that period of time (or I hope we all did), and the memories are both dear... and sometimes scary too. Certainly "someone" was watching over us! But now at a much later time of live, we find this Pontiac lover enjoying the pure joy of his favorite Pontiac... what could be better than that?

Enjoy this great story of an old Pontiac and one's youth in our On-Line magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 03, 2017 05:04PM

May '17 Cover Feature: 1974 GTO- Last of "The Legend"

It seems we can't get away from performance car ads everywhere we turn.. which only makes us long all the more for the days when Pontiac actually started the trend with the GTO. Here we take a look at the last of this "Legend" in the '74 GTO. What a different world it might have been if PMD had stuck to its guns and actually continued producing a performance car, other than the Firebird which is a totally different duck. But as you'll see, we don't blame PMD alone- where were the so-called "dedicated GTO" buyers.. no buy... no build. But in spite of all this, the '74 GTO was actually a pretty neat car for the day, and an even neater one to have today.

Check it our in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 16, 2017 08:23AM

November '16 Cover Feature: 1969 Tri-Power LeMans Sprint

If everyone had a "vision" of what type of car they wanted, and how personalized they wanted it to be, there would be a lot more interesting Pontiacs to see. In the case of this Cover Feature's '69 Tri-Power LeMans Sprint, we have the realization of a dream car... and amazingly, one that this insightful, dedicated owner has kept for the past 48 years. We have to seriously admire those who kept their first car, knowing just how tough that can be at times: storage problems, storage fees, needing money when young... the list of reasons we have all parted with our first cars is long.

You have to check out this unique '69 Sprint in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
November 11, 2016 09:33AM

October '16 Cover Feature: "A Pontiac Celebration- 2016"

Once again, our "Pontiac Celebration" held every two years (since 2010) in historic Warwick, Rhode Island was a huge success. This family fun weekend whose goal is to raise money for two children's cancer charities remains a favorite way to round out the busy Pontiac summertime, and to donate to a terrific cause. This year's totals should easily move us to well over $30,000 so far donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand childhood cancer foundation and The Tomorrow Fund helping children and families affected by cancer.

Our thanks to all who came out to enjoy this beautiful weekend, and an extra "Thank You" to all who helped make it a big success. We look forward to seeing everyone- and lots of new faces- in 2018.

Read all about this great event in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 02, 2016 10:02AM

July '16 Cover Feature- 1967 Grand Prix Convertible

If you love the full-sized Pontiacs (which, by the way, give up nothing to no one in power or speed due to their size), then why not go for a super rare one? Let's see... how about a Grand Prix? How about a '67 one-year-only Grand Prix convertible And if this isn't rare enough for you, how about we throw in a 428 HO and a 4-speed? That should do, it, huh?

This month's feature is just such a car. But it goes even farther when you look at its show quality restoration. It fit the wish list just right for this lucky owner who plans to do nothing but enjoy it from now on.

Checkout this beautiful, rare Pontiac GP in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
July 06, 2016 03:13PM

May '16 Cover Feature- A Meeting with "The Bandit"

This month's "Cover" Feature is a little different. But it is not unique when considering its source... "Bandit Rich" as he is well know by all. Rich has been living the "Bandit" life style for some time with his beautiful, award winning "Bandit" Trans Am. This story of his encounter with the one-and-only true "Bandit" Burt Reynolds was a dream come true. You can feel his excitement in his step-by-step description of the entire event.

Have your own visit with "The Bandit" in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 03, 2016 11:56AM

April '16 Cover Feature- 1966 Pontiac 2+2

If you have ever dreamed of "living large" in the Pontiac hobby, then this lucky couple have achieved that dream. We have featured their '65 GTO in a past article (exactly a year ago, April 2015), and have learned that their Pontiac collection included even more- as here with this featured, beautiful '66 2+2. And,there are still more that we hope to one day show everyone. Like many true Pontiac lovers, they enjoy their cars by sharing them with as many as they can in shows, and just driving and enjoying the Pontiac Excitement. The way it should be!

Check out this magnificent Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 06, 2016 10:23AM

March '16 Cover Feature- 1976 Trans Am

This month's Cover Feature is pretty special. Not only does it feature a sharp car, but it belongs to your web master/editor's niece. So, I got to be involved in its inspection, purchase, and rebirth. Hard work, sure, but it's all a part of being a Pontiac family! It also illustrates that the Pontiac hobby is alive in the younger generation. And not necessarily by only gearheads. Here we find a young school teacher mother of two who dreams of owning a Trans Am. And not a late model one either. I guess all those years of dragging her to Pontiac shows paid off. Congratulations to my niece for a Trans Am job well done!

Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 04, 2016 09:13AM

February '16 Cover Feature- The Mecum Experience

Each year we get to venture out to the huge car auction- Mecum Kissimmee, Florida- to get a reading on the auto hobbyplace. And each year it seems to get a bit more confusing to "read." Certainly we are most interested in how Pontiac is doing in the hobby and investor arenas, but also the collector car hobby in general. Once again the Mecum event was first rate, and once again, it appears Pontiac is slipping as far as car numbers are concerned. Price-wise, Pontiac still appears to be doing well, but perhaps the hobby people (and investors) are looking in other places for their dollars. While we are glad to see the muscle car segment of the hobby still doing well, we do need to take notice, and continue to work hard promoting the rich history and heritage of the great Pontiac name.

Read all about our recent "Mecum Experience" in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 05, 2016 02:00PM

April '13 Cover Feature- 1971 Hurst Grand Prix SSJ

There are Pontiacs that are collectable for many reasons, mostly because of popularity regardless of how many were made. And often times because of some special appointments. But then there is rare for all reasons you can think of. Such is the case of this 1971 Hurst Grand Prix SSJ.

Automotive writer and Pontiac lover, Jim Black, has brought us the rare-of-rare in this month's "Cover" Feature. Wrap the beauty and performance of a '71 Grand Prix with the special appointments of one of the biggest automotive hit makers- Hurst- and add super low production and you have the collector car that dreams are made of.

Check out this super rare Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 02:25PM

December '12 Cover Feature- 1939 Pontiac Sloper

There are Pontiacs out there that many have never even heard of. This December "Cover" Feature is most likely one of those. Have you ever heard of a "Sloper" before?" Chances are many haven't.

Like so many things unique to Australia, the Sloper is one of them. Few were made and few have survived, especially the early ones like this 1939 model. Australia, years ago, wasn't known for being easy on cars. Many places yet today will challenge even the modern cars.

If you're looking for something very unique, perhaps a trip down under is in your future. If you don't find a Sloper, perhaps you might find a Ute, but that's a different story for another day.

Check out this very rare Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 02:12PM

October '12 Cover Feature-

The second "Pontiac Celebration- Eastern Regional Meet" in Warwick, Rhode Island September 21-23 was again a huge success. Pontiac lovers from throughout the Northeastern U.S. cam to once again "celebrate" their favorite cars, and to raise money for our two children's cancer charities- Alex's Lemonade Stand foundation for childhood cancer and The Tomorrow Fund helping children and families affected by cancer. Once again we were able to raise many thousands of dollars for these fine organizations.

Our "Thanks" to all who can out to enjoy the event, and who contributed to its success. As everyone knows, not a penny raised goes beyond the most basic of expenses... ALL else goes to the charities.

In addition, we "Thank" all of our great Show Sponsors and all who donated to the event through advertising purchases, gift and raffle donations, etc.

But beyond all, we "Thanks" all you worked so hard to make this event successful. It takes many, many months of work before show date, and a lot during the event. Individuals and car clubs all helped make it possible and enjoyable for everyone.

See you all again for "A Pontiac Celebration- 2014"!

Check out this great Pontiac event in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 02:09PM

April '12 Cover Feature- 1971 Lemans GT-37

If you like Pontiac muscle, especially that of a little different twist, then you will love this beautifully restored 1971 Lemans GT-37. These Pontiacs are really sought after today, and certainly- finally- appreciated for their rarity and unique place in the Pontiac muscle car pecking order.

Enjoy this great article by Pontiac lover and builder Jeff Redhage of Sullivan, Missouri. Great detailed photos chronicle the building of this GT-37 from rough to as-new again.

Check out this rare GT-37 in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 01:52PM

October '11 Cover Feature- 1962 Lemans

For the second month now our "Cover" Feature Pontiac has been outside of the USA. This month's feature is a sharp 1962 Tempest Lemans in Finland. American cars are hot, hot, hot over in Europe.

This little Pontiac is a perfect car for the summer months in Finland, especially were gas prices make ours look low. Even over here, the Tempests and slightly upper scale Lemans Pontiacs make terrific hobby cars for everyone to enjoy... great looks, economy, and still lots of zip.

Check out this little drop-top Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 01:40PM

May '11 Cover Feature- 1989 Turbo Trans Am

If you are thinking that this month's and last month's "Cover" Features are a mistake, ain't so. The vast accumulation of '89 Turbo Trans Am information in last month's feature got me to digging around for an article I had prepared a few years ago, also concerning a Turbo T/A.

This interesting tale is of a cross-country trip in a Turbo T/A by Australian Pontiac collector Dave Clee and his son, and then the shipping and receipt of the rare Pontiac down-under.

Check out this Pontiac "down-under" in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 01:31PM

November '10 Cover Feature- 1962 Catalina

Many wish, but few ever get, the opportunity to have a family-owned vehicle for its entire life. It must be a very special feeling indeed.

Besides the pride of having a car your parents bought, and you grew up with, learned to drive in, etc. there is the pride of resisting all those times when keeping it was difficult, or others encouraged you to "get a new car."

In this November "Cover Car" feature we celebrate, not only the Pontiac, but the owner as well for this Always in the Family 1962 Catalina.

Check out this sharp, old Pontiac in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 12:35PM

December '09 Cover Feature- 1965 GTO Convertible

This month's "Cover Car" article features a beautiful 1965 GTO convertible. This favorite among most all GTO lovers is a highly optioned, fully restored car that represents one man's return to the car of his youth.

While seeing little use during the past 20 or so years, it has remained in like new condition, and one day soon will most likely become another's prized possession. Who will be the lucky one?

Enjoy this beautiful GTO in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 12:07PM

April '09 Cover Feature- 2002 Trans Am WS6

If you think you are a Firebird/Trans Am lover... you ain't seen nothin' yet! A long list of Firebirds, Formulas, Trans Ams, and Firehawks has culminated in this 2002 WS6 Show Car. This month's feature car is a statement of total dedication to making the most beautiful Trans Am possible-- and succeeding!

Enjoy this beautiful Trans Am in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 11:47AM

August '08 Cover Feature- 1960 Pontiac Parisienne

This story of a journey from Singapore to England in a 1960 Pontiac Parisienne will fascinate you. It is spellbinding, to say the least. In 1968, and into 1969, Tony Oliver and his wife took this trip back home to England through parts of the world that were both breathtakingly beautiful and treacherous at the same time. This is a story that deserves to be told, and saved for all Pontiac lovers to enjoy again and again. We thank Tony for talking the time to share his adventure and beautiful photos with us.

Enjoy this Pontiac adventure in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 11:23AM

September '07 Cover Feature- 1938 Pontiac Roadster

Whoever thought that the older Pontiacs weren't being taken out on the road and used much anymore, would be in for a treat when they see this beautiful, low mileage 1938 Pontiac Rumbleseat Roadster zip by them on an Orlando, Florida street. As pristine as this all original Pontiac is, the owner still enjoys using it. And, this is just the tip of the collector auto iceberg.

Read all about this beautiful 1938 Pontiac and a full stable of other equally magnificent Pontiacs and other collector cars in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 05, 2013 08:13AM

January '07 Cover Feature: Part I- 1966 2+2

There are rare Pontiacs, then there are rare muscle Pontiacs. This is the story of the 1966 Pontiac 2+2 and how two brothers from a Pontiac loving family saved two of these unique cars. In Part I we learn how their fascination with these Pontiacs started, and developed into two dedicated restorations of a beautiful hardtop and convertible 2+2.

Enjoy this Part I story of these beautiful Pontiacs in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here and be sure to continue the trip into Part II at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 04, 2013 01:39PM

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