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License Plate Laws- by State

We couldn't pass up sharing this information that we received from SEMA's SAN (SEMA Action Network) concerning license plate rules/laws from state-to-state... actually covering all 50 states!

We have included their introduction and a link that will take you to a really well researched and pictorially represented explanation of each state's regulations.

Check out what you can and cannot do in displaying your hobby car's license plate(s) at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
November 30, 2020 01:28PM

Legislative Affairs- Feb. 2019

We understand that a constant diet of politics can get pretty tiring, but here we bring you some legislative news that might just make you happy. So far, results of 2018 for the automotive enthusiasts has been good, and 2019 looks to continue the trend.

Here we have featured the majority of the Winter 2018 SAN (SEMA Action Network) newsletter that recaps the past year and projects to the next.

See how 2018 stacks up in automotive legislative terms in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 18, 2019 02:43PM

Legislative Affairs- May '13

If you have though that the legislative powers-to-be have been quiet lately concerning the formulation of our auto fuels, guess again. If you've been following the ZDDP and ethanol increases debate, you will know that these forces never sleep.

Check this month's Legislative Affairs for a good update on your auto fuels at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 19, 2013 03:55PM

Editorial- April '13

Again we have new "products" to announce at PontiacRegistry.com, all designed to make your navigation of the site, and enjoyment of it even better. But like all big tasks, there is often extra help needed. So, with that in mind we ask everyone to check our requests and help us with this big job. It won't take much, just some sharing of your Pontiac information and experiences.

Check out the latest developments, and watch for even more still on their way.

See more of this month's Editorial in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 22, 2013 11:46AM

Legislative Affairs- April '13

There are many things that run sort of "behind the scenes" and for most of us, that is a good thing. Actually for most of us who are always busy, that is a VERY good thing.

But in our automotive environment, there are very few "things" at work to keep everything in check. But from everything like emissions to how you can store a car on your own property, there are people working against what we would consider our "real" best interests. That is where SAN (a part of SEMA) comes to our rescue. Read here how they help us in some more immediate ways, and stay alert to those legislative happenings around you.

Keep informed on the legislative front and everything that affects your car and your hobby with our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 22, 2013 11:45AM

Editorials & Legislative Affairs Articles

If you wish to view any "Editorials" or "Legislative Affairs" articles prior to April 2013, please check here: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 22, 2013 11:43AM

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