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10 Hot Cooling Tips

Hot weather is here, and so are the problems that come with it... car-wise that is. In this article we have some very good advice concerning tracking down and curing these overheating blues, hopefully before they leave you stranded somewhere.

Technical information that will keep your cool Pontiac even cooler in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

The information in this article is based on articles and book written by John Becay. The book is a must-have for all Pontiac hobbyists: "How to RUN COOL- Cooling Pontiac V-8s 1955-1979."

PontiacRegistry.com members can receive a 5% discount on this great book by checking under "AFFILIATES" then "Member Discounts" on our home page.

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 01:46PM

1940 Pontiac Horn Repair

The best source of technical information, help, and ideas is always from our hobbyist members themselves. Such is the case of this information on repairing your horn contactor (button) assembly in your early Pontiac. While the example in this article is of a 1940 Pontiac, it is very similar to other earlier years too.

If you have technical advice to share, please help us all be sending it in.

Learn more in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

For even more early Pontiac horn repair information check out this later article at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 04:07PM

1961-1968 Pontiac Driveshaft Information

Our '60s Pontiac guru Les Kasten of Pontiac Paradise has put together some helpful information for those '60s guys who are doing engine and transmission swaps. That is, a complete listing of driveshaft sizes and information for 1961 through 1968. And if you can't find what you need in this article, he invites you to contact him with your questions- and any other Pontiac needs. His contact information is shown at the end of the article.

Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
June 22, 2017 09:45AM

1962 Catalina Factory High Performance Parts

Part of our dedication to preserving Pontiac's rich history includes the documentation that tells us how things were "back then." Whether advertising, vintage articles, technical manuals, and as here a single page of very important (and valuable) performance data. If you're building a high performance '62 Catalina (or actually any Pontiac of that vintage), this is invaluable information.

Check out this factory high performance parts information in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
September 12, 2016 08:43AM

1962-'64 Pontiac Tachometers

One of the most popular options for the early '60s Pontiacs is a tachometer. But, with the different years and models, not to mention types of transmissions, it can get a bit confusing. Here is the information as found in the 1962-'64 Pontiac parts manual.

If anyone can add more information, such as additional year applications, please share it so we can save it and share it with everyone.

Hope this helps answer some possible problems. Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 01:18PM

1966 Full-Size Pontiac Tri-Power

As we prepare the various Pontiac Service Manuals for posting in our On-Line Pontiac Service Manual Reference Library, we will periodically come across different items that we wish to bracket out and put into our On-Line Magazine for even quicker reference. Such is the case with these pages covering the '66 full-size Pontiac tri-power setup.

Be sure to check through out this "Technical Data & Info" listing for even more valuable tri-power information.

Set up your tri-power right with the authorized service manual procedures in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 01:54PM

1966 GTO Disc Brake Conversion

As our author reminds us, we sure liked to go fast in the muscle car days, but we sure had our hands full when it can to stopping. Back then we had no particular options, today we do.

In this "How-To" article Pontiac author Jim Black takes us through the step-by-step process of updating the old drum brakes with brand spanking new discs on a 1966 GTO. Lots of clear photos help explain everything so even the novice can tackle this job.

Check out this helpful information in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 01:02PM

1968 Firebird & GTO Ram Air II Sales Promotion

It's interesting what you can stumble on snooping around old files and such. Like this May 16, 1968 Pontiac Sales Promotion Bulletin on the new Firebird and GTO Ram Air II 400 engine. In none of our other sources do we find such detailed information, not only of what this RAII consisted of, but also the price, recommendations for use (rainy weather is out!), and even the dealer installation procedures. It's these sort of documents that need to be saved for everyone's future use.

Check out the new Firebird and GTO Ram Air II coming to you soon in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
August 19, 2022 05:58PM

1969 Firebird A/C Hookup

Ever seen all that rubber 'pis-getty hanging under your car's dash and wonder where it all went? Ever buy a car with it all missing or disconnected? Let the nightmares begin! This is one of the most corn-fusing, under documented areas of the old car restoration arena.

Hopefully we can help, even if only one car at a time- as here. Note that in the article we invite everyone to contact us with these or similar issues that we can work together on, and document to share with everyone who will follow behind us with the same problem.

Get it all sorted out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
January 26, 2017 02:36PM

1977-'79 T/A 6.6 Historical Information- Part I

Get ready to learn nearly everything there is to know about the '77-'79 T/A W-72 6.6 performance package.... from engine specifications, to manufacturing quantities, and everything in between. The next three section article will share with you years of data compilation, and research by Technical Advisor John Witzke about these special Pontiacs.

Start learning all about the W-72 6.6 in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 05:34PM

All About Oil Filters- from Early to Modern

"To filter or not to filter?" That can be a question for the early Pontiac owners. What's best, what's safe, how should one go? What about the add-on units... new or old?

Hopefully this brief history of Pontiac's handling of engine oil filtering over the years will give some insight.

Check out the history of the slippery stuff in your Pontiac engine in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 01:26PM

Automotive Paperwork

Once again our Pontiac, and general automotive guru, Jim Black of Papillion, Nebraska, has put together a wealth of information to help you with your Pontiac hobby. This time it is an in-depth article about the different sorts of "paperwork" available to help document and maintain your favorite Pontiac. In addition, he helps with information on where much of this material can be found.

Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
August 21, 2016 04:56PM

By the Numbers: Part I- 1966 Engines

Once in a great while rare pieces of "factory" information surface. This is the case of these handwritten documents directly from Pontiac engineering covering the 1966 engines in tremendous part number details. There are even references to color coding, etc. In this Part I installment, we have reproduced these rare documents covering the 1966 230 6-cylinder engine. If you have ever sought detailed information of nearly every part that went into this engine, here it is. Stay tuned for more reports in Part II and beyond as we delve into detailed parts information on the Pontiac V-8 for 1966.

Enjoy this detailed, rare look behind the scenes of Pontiac engineering in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 05:18PM

Decoding the '67 Pontiac

This research work is the type of information that is of great value to all Pontiac hobyists as they document and maintain/restore their cars. We challenge all others to help prepare such a work that might one day cover all Pontiacs of all years, and that we can archive forever. Our many thanks to the author for his efforts.

Do the '67 Pontiac number crunching in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 02:05PM

Documenting Pontiacs- Part I

Finding your favorite Pontiac may be step one, but learning all about it, and documenting it can be many, many more. Often in directions even unknown. However, Pontiac hobbyist, writer, and researcher Jim Black has taken some of the mystery out of the task. This Part I of "Documenting Pontiacs" will help you decode the otherwise unknown numbers and letters that the factory used to paint a data picture of your car.

Check out this valuable information in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here and watch for Part II coming soon.

Added by: Larry
April 14, 2016 11:15AM

Door Panels, Street Wheels & Dash Pads Restored- Where to Go and Who to Call

There are certain areas of restoration that best be left to the professionals. And with that said, there are "professionals" and then there are "PROFESSIONALS!" But how to tell the difference- at least without a very costly bad lesson. That is where finding out an expert's opinion is invaluable.

Here Pontiac Paradise owner Les Kasten has shared his experiences in the reproduction/restoration of Pontiac door panels, steering wheels, and dash pads. If anyone has good quality Pontiac knowledge gained for years of experience, it is Les. And we thank him for sharing this information with us.

Find out where to go, and who to call in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 15, 2018 02:18PM

DuBonnet Suspension- 1934-36 Pontiac: Part I and II

The earlier years of automotive innovation are filled with items that were thought to be great ideas, but for one reason or another just fizzled out. Such is the case of the DuBonnet suspension system adopted from a French designer and used for only a few years by Pontiac and Chevrolet. In this two part report we have a very detailed account of a member's overhaul of his 1936 Pontiac DuBonnet units, and the actual pages from the 1935-36 Pontiac Maintenance Manual.

Read this detailed account of Pontiac's DuBonnet suspension system in our On-Line Magazine. Part I at: Click Here
and Part II Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 04:17PM

Early Steering Systems

If you think cars only got more complicated as time moved on, here is an example of just the opposite... something that was complicated, that got simpler. The early steering systems of our Pontiacs contained a relay rod assembly that contained lots of parts that today there is no longer a need for.

Check out how Pontiac built some of their early steering systems in our On-Line Magazine at Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 04:28PM

Fitting Wheels & Tires- How Big Can You Go?

Or, as the article says "Biggest Meats for Your Muscle Car." This is often a dilemma, with few answers... and expensive trial-and-error options. This article should at least help you get in the ball park when it comes to making tire and wheel choices for you Pontiac. And, as we all know, a Pontiac needs as much rubber to the road as it can get

Check it out in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 23, 2017 11:45AM

GM Gauges- Tachometers

There is little doubt that Pontiac was the leader in most all things automotive performance related in the mid-1960. So, it is little wonder that when the subject of tachometers comes up, the Pontiac examples stand out from all the rest of the GM herd. This article shows the many different examples and layouts from this period, including some of the other GM gauges as well. If you're looking for what is correct, or looking at something to buy, this may help you make the right choice.

Check out the Pontiac tachometers of the mid-60s in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
October 14, 2021 02:51PM

GTO Production Numbers

If you've ever spent time scanning endless columns of numbers, you know how boring it can get. But not necessarily so if you know what you're looking for. In this case we have revealed some interesting patterns that reflect on who was buying what GTO and when.

The production figures give far more than just total quantities out the door, as we've shown here. See if you agree with our findings. They tell a lot more than just what shows on the surface.

Check out this "revealing" information in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 12:47PM

HEI Coil Conversion

Sometimes you find out things that can make your car better and more reliable the hard way... like when your good old (even if new) HEI leaves you sitting somewhere, hopefully not too far from home and a good neighbor with a truck and tow strap. Such was the case with our '40 Pontiac which sports a '74 T/A 400 engine. That lead to investigating ways to perhaps avoid this from happening again. Since heat is an HEI module's number one enemy, we decided to check out the HEI coil conversion... as in eliminating the heat generating distributor mounted coil for a remotely mounted coil- like they did (probably for a good reason) in the old days.

Check out this process and see if it might be something that could help your HEI keep its cool in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
December 08, 2018 10:45AM

Installing Power Rack & Pinion Steering in Your Older Car

There are many things you encounter when building a hot rod/street rod that you never though about having to address before. Installing a new power steering system in your older car is one of them. But, remember, much of the enjoyment of "building" a car is supposed to be the research and planning- also remember, much of the frustration of "building " a car is the same! But, not insurmountable, especially when someone comes along (as here) and gives you all the hard fought information for free. We hope this will help you as you "build" your new old car.

Check out this complicated topic made easy in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 17, 2018 09:46AM

Interior Make-Over: 1969 GTO

One of the scarcest jobs to the average wrench turner is anything that has to do with interiors. Well, it needn't be so scary, nor so difficult when you have the right how-to information and the number of suppliers making so many fine materials for most of the newer Pontiacs.

Here our good Pontiac friend Jim Black walks us through the work on recovering the door and rear side panels of his '69 GTO convertible. As with all of Jim's work, it is extremely detailed and photo documented. And, we thank him for sharing this with all of us.

Check out the not-so-scary-anymore interior work in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
September 05, 2018 10:10AM

Knowing Your Pontiac Automatic Transmissions

The advent of the automatic transmission as we pretty much know it today can be attributed to General Motors with the introduction of its Hydra-Matic transmissions; and Pontiac was a big part of this story. While others tried, GM succeeded in bringing durability and reliability to the public, with enough confidence to move from the tried and true manual gear changers to these all new automatics. Here we bring a study of some of the most successful automatic transmissions as used by Pontiac. It will help you understand what was used when and what its pluses and minuses may be.

Check out Pontiac's automatic transmission history in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 21, 2017 11:13AM

Loose Timing Chain? How to Chect it Out

Don't get caught with your timing chain on the loose. As many Pontiac hobbyists know, the earlier Pontiac V8s were in the habit of jumping chains right at about 120-125,000 miles. Almost like clock work.

But here is a very simple way to check your timing gears and chain for proper operation/tolerances. Hopefully it will help you from becoming the stranded victim of an old Pontiac with a wayward timing chain.

Do your maintenance check soon by visiting our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 23, 2017 03:27PM

Mickey Thompson HEMI Heads

The word "hemi" doesn't belong strictly to Chrysler, although they were the only ones to ever move this engineering concept into production cars (with great success too). Here we see some interesting information on what many consider only an "urban myth"... a Pontiac hemi head. However, it took aftermarket developer Mickey Thompson to make this a reality. Even then, it did not take off market-wise, although the heads did power-wise. See an old M/T product sheet with these Pontiac hemi heads, and see information on some rare survivor items.

Read all about these long gone Pontiac performance items in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 05:05PM

Oil Filter Cross Reference

We came across some info recently on the very common Pontiac oil filter AC Delco PF-24 as relates to cross referencing it to others, mostly the smaller sized ones. We have double checked (and even fixed) some of the data. It should help those looking for the older filters that are getting more and more difficult to find in the general auto parts stores. We hope this helps.

Check your oil filter in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
December 28, 2018 05:34PM

Police Generator: 1935-'36

It's sometimes difficult to comprehend just how simple things were many years ago... at least it all seems simple to us today as everything has gotten so complicated and technology has advanced so rapidly. Here we read how solving the simple need for more electricity in a police car in 1935 and '36 was a big deal. It makes some interesting reading, and the illustrations are fun to look at.

Travel back to 1935 and '36 in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 02:03PM

Pontiac Air Suspension System: 1958-'59

Now let's get something straight! Actually, that was the goal of this entire experiment of sorts with the Pontiac Ever-Level air ride suspension system... and quite a system it was too! In this review straight from the '58-'59 manual we see the components and explainations of how it worked... or most often, was "supposed" to work. Like so many good ideas in the automotive engineering minds, this was probably one way too much before its time. Short-lived as it was, today it is a rare sight indeed.

Get pumped up with this technical review of Pontiac's Ever-Level air ride system in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 05:01PM

Pontiac Block Codes

In hopes of answering some of the age old questions of "just what engine do I have", we bring a comprehensive listing of Pontiac block codes from 1965 through 1979. While there is some overlapping of codes used (often making it even more difficult to identify an engine), these will get you in the right area, especially if you have some other data to support your suspicions.

Check out this helpful identification data in out On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 04:47PM

Pontiac Blueprinted Blocks Now Available- from Nitemare Performance

If you've been searching for a new Pontiac block either by itself or as an assembled used engine, you are well aware of the high prices being asked today- and that's not even counting any machine or rebuilding work. Well, now Nitemare Performance is offering completely machined Pontiac blocks ready for you to start assembling into any level of performance you wish.
Check out this new offering in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
March 11, 2023 06:45PM

Pontiac Engine Specs 1955-1976

We see many questions concerning what Pontiac had what engine, in what model, in what size, in what configuration, in what year or years, etc. We do our best to share any information we can to help the Pontiac hobbyists with questions and needs they have about their ageing cars. Hopefully this compilation will be of some help. We also have numerous other engine and engine parts identification guides in our "Technical Data and Info" forum as well as in our On-Line Magazine "Technical Data & Information" chapter.

Check out this engine specification data list in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 17, 2023 05:43PM

Pontiac Flathead Engines: 1933-1954

One of Pontiac's most famous features was its time proven flathead engine design. From the beginning of the flathead straight-8 in 1933, followed by the inclusion of the straight-6 in 1935, it was little changed until it was finally replaced after 1954. As with other manufacturers, its positives had by this time become negatives as others were passing it up with their new OHV V-8s. An era ended.

Read all about the history of this amazing engine design in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 05:57PM

Pontiac Honeycomb Wheels

Pontiac has had its more-than-fair-share of innovative ideas when it came to setting Pontiac a step (or more) above the competition. In this article we address the famous Pontiac honeycomb wheels. They had a tough act to follow with the older 8-lugs, Rally I, and Rally II wheels, but they became a hallmark item that smacked of Pontiac's leading the way in style and performance. Today they are still sought after by restorers who just gotta have them! Check for even more articles on Pontiac's wheels in our On-Line Magazine.

Read all about the Pontiac Honeycomb wheels in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 29, 2020 03:29PM

Pontiac Underseat Heaters

If you are new to the old car hobby, it is only natural that you will come upon things that perhaps you have never even heard of before. In this case it is "What the heck is an underseat heater?" Well, the name tells a good bit of the story, but upon further digging you will realize that it was a rather involved part of the automobile that has gone the way of the dodo bird. But unlike the dodo, we do have this object still showing up today in the form of old Pontiac restoration. So, why not learn about it, right? After all, it might be in your next restoration project; you never can tell!

Read about these old time bun warmers in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
May 26, 2016 12:33PM

Pontiac Vacuum Gauges

The '60s saw just about anything and everything one could imagine being marketed to the car buying public if it looked like it had to do with performance. And while many perhaps actually "used" the devices for the intended purpose, many were more than likely just car eye candy. Such was the cool '60s Pontiac vacuum gauge.

Certainly it was one more item to add to the race car look of your daily driver, but if monitored, actually had a purpose- other than "Hey, watch me bury that needle!" Regardless, they are good looking accessories to add to your old Pontiac. But be careful, there is much to look for in purchasing a good, working unit. Hopefully this well presented article by a well-known Pontiac writer will help.

Learn all about '60s Pontiac vacuum gauges in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
September 20, 2017 11:41AM

Pontiac's Fantastic Six- OHC

Many believe it was a case of too much too soon, but whatever the reason, the all new Pontiac OHC-6 was not to "catch hold" as expected. In this article, noted Pontiac OHC-6 expert, collector, and writer Jim Black of Papillion, Nebraska takes us through a detailed presentation of this unique engine from design through production. Enjoy numerous early photos of this engine too.

For a complete history and description of the all new Pontiac OHC-6 engine, go to our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 05:31PM

Short Circuit- Early Battery Cover Dangers

If you're the proud owner of an early-50s Pontiac, then you may or may not have the factory metal battery cover... we say "may or may not" because their potential problems may have become, well... real as opposed to potential during your car's lifetime. Very often they were tossed away. In this article we bring you a first hand account of a problem that could have gone a whole lot worse, if not for plain old luck.

Additionally, we want to forewarn you now to save the danger- not to mention heartbreak- of something happening to your prized Pontiac. Especially since it can be avoided.

Read this safety tip in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
November 13, 2017 02:06PM

Speedometer Correction

While Pontiacs generally have no problem "getting up to speed", some of the futzing around you did to accomplish that feat, may lead you to wondering "just what is that speed I just got up to?" This article reprint should help you calculate just how to re-gear your transmission and speedometer to get you back into the proper speed readings. And, even though some of the math involved might have you talking to yourself, it is far better than talking to the man in blue trying to explain why you haven't a clue how fast you were just going in that 35-zone.

Get up to (the right) speed in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 04:44PM

Steering Wheel Restoration

For those who follow Pontiac hobbyist and writer Jim Black, you know that his "How To" articles are the best when it comes to helping the average hobbyist tackle jobs they may never have considered before.

Jim skillfully walks the reader through step-by-step steps, well supported with photos, from beginning to end of a project. In this steering wheel restoration article, Jim shows how to save money, enjoy a project, and have a great looking professional job when done. We thank Jim for sharing this article with everyone for years to come.

Check out this great technical help article in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 01:33PM

Thermostatic Air Cleaner Diagnosis & Repair

Sometimes it's the "little things" that can create the most confusion. Often these are the same items that you continue to postpone as not all that important. However, in this tech article you will see that 1) this topic is actually a simple repair and 2) for the performance of your Pontiac, it should not be ignored. Now you have no more excuses.

See how to get your Pontiac breathing better and running better too in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 26, 2019 09:28AM

Trans Am Hood Scoop Repair

Ever meet a challenge you couldn't take (well, ya!), or one you just plain didn't want to take... same answer.

Such was the challenge of repairing a totally trashed '79 Trans Am hood scoop. How it got the way it did is sort of a long story. But the short story is be careful just who you tick off- especially the opposite sex type. But whatever the reason, it was tackled, and after much work (sort of like assembling dinosaur bones), it was quite successful- and money saving!

Check out this "not everything is impossible- though it looks so" article in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
February 27, 2021 11:00AM

Tri-Power Number Crunching

We have just added a complete listing of Pontiac tri-power carburetor part numbers and information from 1957-1966 for our members' shared by our tri-power expert and PontiacRegistry.com Technical Advisor, Jon Havens. Here you will find all the proper carb part numbers per proper location and year. Be sure to print this out for your next swap meet excursion. We thank Jon for taking the time to share this with all of us.

Learn how to identify the correct tri-power parts for your Pontiac application in our On-Line Magazine at: Click Here

Added by: Larry
April 03, 2013 01:58PM

We hope you enjoyed this sample of Technical Data & Info Pinboard Page. To enjoy hundreds more, please join and help support this work for all Pontiac hobbyists.

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