Every day many families are hit with the news of a loved one stricken with an illness or disability of some type. Especially frightening is the news of one of the many different types of cancers. Luckily, today the advances of medicine have greatly increased the odds that this insidious disease can be defeated. But, most often it is a very tough battle, and sadly, it is a battle that is still too often lost. Nowhere is this tragedy felt more than when it involves children. But, we can ALL do something to help the many children fighting cancer.

At PontiacRegistry.com, we want to "Be part of the cure", and we want to support the many people caring for and helping others to make the lives of the little ones healthier and happier. That is why we have created this special place to tell you about a great organization--Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation--which is "committed to raising money and awareness for pediatric cancer causes, primarily research into new cures and treatments, and to encouraging and educating others, especially children, to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for childhood cancer".

We ask that you go to: http://www.alexslemonade.org and learn all about this organization helping the children, and how you too can get involved. Because Alex's Lemonade Stand is nationwide, its funding of childhood cancer research spans the entire country. So all of our PontiacRegistry.com members who donate time, money, or energy to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation are helping children everywhere.

You will see that in our PontiacRegistry.com Application/Renewal Form, we have a choice where you can donate $1.00 to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. As a "Thank You" for doing so, PontiacRegistry.com will match that $1.00 donation too. We will be working to build the exposure of this effort, and have the support of fellow Pontiac lover, Rick DiGicomo of Rhode Island, who will help guide us. Rick and his family have suffered the loss of a grandchild, 2-year old Eric Sjoblom, to cancer, and have since dedicated much energy to fighting for a cure. The DiGicomo and Sjoblom families have worked with Alex's Lemonade Stand at car shows to raise money for cancer research, and have also been involved with a local Rhode Island organization, "The Tomorrow Fund".


There are many fine organizations dedicated to helping children with cancer and to finding cures for the disease. We ask you to help us support Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, but not to stop there. like Rick's family, also check your local childrens' cancer support groups. To contact Rick directly for information on how you can help the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation with your individual or group's activities, CLICK HERE. Rick will help you and your group with his advice and experience. Working together, we will all help the children who need us the most right now. 

Host a Alex's Lemonade Stand at you next car show event!


Hosting a lemonade stand at a car show or a cruise night is a great way to get kids involved in the hobby and make them proud that they have contributed to helping eliminate pediatric cancer. There are a few key items that will make the Stand a success. First of all, let the kids run it (with adult supervision of course). There will be a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Have the kids make the signs and the banners. And, have them pass out the promotional material that can be obtained from the Alex's Lemonade Stand web site. Consider giving the lemonade to your customers for free-- but ask for a donation. More often that not, you will get more than if you set a price. See if you can get the supplies donated. This may be more of an adult activity; but, bring the kids along. Have information available to give to potential donors and contributors. Adults and show and cruise organizers should reference the Alex's Lemonade Stand web site for information and suggestions (http://www.alexslemonade.org/). Click on the "Stands and Events" button and then "Hosting a Stand". There you will find and be able to download materials, resources, and instructions.

You will find everything that you need to organize and market your stand.
There are eight easy steps to follow:

  1. Pick a location car shows are a good social event
  2. Register your stand with Alex's Lemonade Stand
  3. Read the information on the site about "Holding Your Own Stand"
  4. Download the materials that you need to help design the banner and promotional materials
  5. Make a plan-- including organizing your volunteers
  6. Track the donations and send tem to ALS
  7. Thank your helpers and supporters
  8. Lastly, be proud of your accomplishments.

In 2006, little Rhody Pontiac hosted an Eastern Regional event. Using many of the suggestions noted
above, they were able to raise $300 which was donated to ALS.
The children did all of the work and they were the talk of the event.
Good luck. 


My little brother Eric was 2 years old when he got cancer. My sister Victoria and I were so scared because we had no idea what Neuroblastoma was. I was only eight at the time and Victoria was four, so I can't really remember what happened the few times I visited him in the hospital. The only thing I remember is when a nurse came in and showed us why she couldn't remove the cancer. She drew on the white board how it started out as a lot of little tumors then became one big tumor and got stuck to stuff and he had a big risk of being damaged if they took out the tumor. I was still confused, but I got the main picture Eric had a big toxic balloon in his stomach and it's going to be there until the doctors use the medicine to get it out. It was a glum few weeks after that. Tori and I went to school, got home to either dad or mom and asked how Eric was. Then one day we went home only to find my grandparents there instead. They told us to pack up some stuff and that we were staying at their house for this February vacation. We slept in the downstairs on the pull out couch. Every night we did a prayer for Eric, and then Tori and I would whisper to each other that Eric would be okay.

Soon Valentines Day approached, Tori and I went over my Auntie Stephanie's parent's house and it was so much fun. Then we got home and walked upstairs to the kitchen, everyone was there even my grandpa (my dad's dad) who I hadn't seen since I was five. I kept trying to ask who was with Eric; I should have guessed that something was wrong because there was an eerie silence hanging in the air. My parents brought us downstairs and told us that our perfect little brother was gone. He was our little cupid up in heaven watching over us. While my parents were telling us my dad started crying it was the first time I had ever seen it happen. Then it hit me, he was gone, gone gone gone, and I started up. Now that I am older I understand a lot more, but I still can't understand why it had to be Eric to leave, and I don't think I ever will.

Kylie Sjoblom



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